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Yesterday the new Fantastic Four trailer was released, if you have not seen it yet here’s a link to it…

There are 3 main reasons why i don’t like the trailer…

1. The actors look way too young!

In the original film they were reasonably older actors and in the Comics they are portrayed as older than they are shown in the this trailer. Also it is hard to believe that a 17/18 year old looking man is an accomplished scientist like Reed Richards is in the comics.

2. The actors are significantly unknown.

Mr Fantastic- Reed Richards is played by Miles Teller who has appeared in only one film I’ve ever heard of: Whiplash which i have not seen so i am unfamiliar with his acting

It is exactly the same case with the Human Torch- Johnny Storm played by Michael B Jordan and the only thing he has appeared in that i know of is The Wire

i will make an exception for The Invisible Woman- Sue Storm played by Kate Mara as she has appeared in House of Cards, Transcendence and has experience in Superhero movies as she appeared in Iron Man 2 as well.

The Thing played by Jamie Bell has appeared in some big pictures like the remake of King Kong and Billy Elliot but again i wouldnt count him as a very well known actor and in superhero films usually big actors get the big roles like Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr and Black Widow with Scarlett Johason (sorry if i spelt it wrong) which is why this casting unusual.

3. The new thing looks too much like a cartoon!

i know we only had a brief glimpse of the The Thing in the very last scene of the trailer and yes we only saw his back but just from that i can see that the CGI (character generated image) was no where near good enough as it looked similar to what The Thing looks almost like in the Disney-Marvel cartoon shows and looks not as life like as it did in the original film. If you haven’t seen the scene it is below…


What did you think of the trailer?


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