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When I feel like procrastinating, my usual process involves grabbing the closest snack and my PS3 controller, or catching up on [Parks and Recreation](series:214218) on Hulu. But some people (read: better people than me) view procrastination as a time to let one's creative side flow free and casually paint absolute masterpieces. Such is the case with imgur user SeeMyAmbitionsFadeOut, a Swedish artist who felt like "procrastinating" and created gorgeous artwork as a result.

Taking a break from her day-to-day schedule, the artist created portraits of iconic Star Wars villains, and took the internet by storm with them. The popularity of her work skyrocketed, leaving the artist a little winded, but gracefully thankful.

Holy crap.
This has blown way out of proportion.
First: Thank you all for the kind comments and questions about commissions and prints.
To be honest, I'm a bit chocked by the publicity since this was something I painted for fun. Selling or taking commissions haven't crossed my mind so I have to think about this.
I also live in Sweden, which makes shipping a bit tricky.
Second: For not to be killed by hybris, I have to collect my thoughts before deciding anything crazy. I promise to give a hint if and when prints or Etsy or more paintings will be available.

A little digging around (hello, creepy e-stalking author) turned up a treasure trove of her work, including even more gorgeous peices dedicated to that galaxy far, far away.

She created a matching set to her previous piece - though the Emperor's Royal Guard has been switched out for a rebel pilot's helmet. But wait, there's more!

While Boba Fett remains, her "green set" features a Clonetrooper and everyone's favorite wise-beeping astromech, R2-D2! The artist showed her loved for Artoo in one more set, a gorgeous three-piece set that features only the droid:

It's a good thing this artist is taking her time to figure things out with selling, because I need time to save up and buy practically everything she makes. Check out more of her work here!


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