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While it's not out of the ordinary to see Disney Princess make-up tutorials on YouTube (goodness knows that cosplay tutorials like these have helped me numerous times), the videos rarely end with something as unique as this! YouTuber and cosplayer Promise Tamang (dope2111) decided to top off her Mulan make-up tutorial with a full-on skit, re-enacting key scenes in the movie - almost completely by herself.

Like the Tyler Perry of make-up videos, Promise went the extra mile by playing almost every character and bringing them to life with amazing make-up skills.

While it's not exactly a full-length movie, Tamang proves that you need little more than great lighting, a camera and skill to create something fun and unique.

Hurry, Mulan, you'll be late for the matchmaker!
Hurry, Mulan, you'll be late for the matchmaker!

The video starts out much like the earlier scenes in Mulan, highlighting her family and showing off Tamang's take on Grandmother...

We're gonna need more luck.
We're gonna need more luck.

Then, she shows off her full Mulan look, ready for the matchmaker!

With cheat sheet included!

Then, Promise transforms from Mulan to the Matchmaker, scrutinizing every part of the woman who would save China.

And, well, we know how that goes...

The scene fast-forwards to Mulan's first meeting with Li Shang, who proves to be pretty tough:

Disguised as Ping, Mulan must keep her indentity secret so that she can represent her family in her father's stead during the ongoing war against the Huns. This, of course, doesn't mean she's a little overwhelmed.

One more flash-forward, and we're introduced to the Emperor of China, who hails Mulan as a hero - after scolding her for impersonating a soldier.

In the end, Mulan is granted the sword of Shan Yu, and is celebrated by China for her bravery.

The video was made using creative paper background, leftover happy meal toys, stray fabric, and almost zero budget - but it still stands as a great creative idea, and showcases the skill of this talented artist. Check out her full tutorial below:


Which look is your favorite?


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