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Growing up there were toys that I imagined that sadly did not exist. What can I say? Toy manufacturers just couldn't keep up with my imagination! That was probably the case for a lot of us. So what happens when your daughter loves Labyrinth and the standard Barbie Dolls just aren't cutting it anymore?

Well, if you're Imgur user Uhjess, also known as the coolest dad ever, you just make your own! Check out his process below:

The making of Sarah Williams:

It all started with some pretty standard Barbie Dolls...

He used this doll's body and dress, and then he decapitated her! AHH!

Don't worry, her hair will come in handy later. After a pretty simple head transplant from this lovely lady...

They came together to make the base for a much better Sarah Williams.

Now for the face...

Gave her some serious brow game with black enamel, because this is Jennifer Connelly we're talking about.

Then change eye color, add rouge, hot glued gems to earrings and used fabric to build on her dress.

After getting the images from google, printing the box cover on card stock and hot gluing it to plastic, Sarah was all boxed up and ready to go.

But that's not all! What would Labyrinth be without Jareth?

The making of Jareth:

Again, he started with a basic Ken Doll.

And after trimming his hair a bit, he did a hair transplant from the decapitated blonde doll we saw earlier. It's all about repurposing, people!

Then Uhjess used white enamel model paint to make Jareth's signature gloves and eyeshadow.

And he crafted his clothes using these ribbons.

After a bit of layering...

His hair was finally finished! I must say, it looks exactly like David Bowies' in the movie.

All done!

Here are the two dolls, all packaged up and ready to be opened!

Have no fear, these awesome dolls won't stay caged up for long. They're meant to be played with, after all. Here's his adorable daughter, Rowan, with her fantastic new toys!

Rowan has addressed the comments in the Imgur thread asking if they can have the dolls. She has made it very clear that they are not up for grabs:

hi I'm the daughter of the man who made these dolls no one can have them and my dolls are famous!

I get it, Rowan, and I don't blame you at all. Please enjoy them for those of us who never got custom-made dolls, you lucky girl.


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