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After her breakup with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart has stayed under the radar regarding her love life. Now her new romance seems to be non other than her formal assistant and BFF, Alicia Cargile!! Some sources also believe that the couple are now engaged. But are these rumors? Are they just 'good friends' or something more?

The couple sure hang out a lot!!

It is quite obvious that the couple have been inseparable lately, going to the beach with Kstew's adorable dog and grabbing coffee. They even went to for a getaway to Hawaii on New Years!!

The couple grabbing coffee.
The couple grabbing coffee.

Stewart's answer on the rumors surrounding her and Alicia.

While Kristen hasn't been very open about this relationship and hasn't directly commented on these rumors, when asked last April about the rumors surrounding her and Cargile, she said:

So it seems like all these rumors might be just that: rumors. And the two are really just BFFs.

What do you think?


Do you think that Kristen and Alicia are dating and/or engaged?


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