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For months now since the beginning of the CW's [The Flash](series:1068303) started the question of who is Harrison wells has nagged at views. From the first episode it was clear something was up with the character. Most theories revolves around him being the speed bad guy the reverse flash. In the comics there are more then one reverse flash and the cw has had a way with surprising views with twist. Tom cavanagh has confirmed that he is the reverse flash but that's all he said. Grant gustin has also said that all the theory are wrong . I how ever have a theory that is different. Here is what we know. Wells has been liying from the start. He can not only walk but can run at super speed. He is willing to do anything including killing to help Barry become the flash. He does care about other and about the future. He has something to do with the future and mostliky is from the future. His speed is not holding and seems to be cutting in and out. He stole the tachyon device to help him absorb speed force. His main goal is to insure the future unfolds the way it should. He has a missing past from the point in the past around when Barry's mom died.

So who is he with all this info? Well let me paint a picture for you. Image a future where something very bad happens. Something like some going in the past and doing something really bad. Some one from the flash family then ddecides to go back in time as he has done before. He fixes everything but then is stuck in the past. From then on he lives a life and trys to make sure he comes to be. Being from the future he would know all about how Barry become the flash from either the family story's or the flash museum as by the his name and story are public. I believe Harrison wells is the adult kid flash.

Who is the kid flash you may ask? He is Barry Allen's grandson from the future named Bart Allen. In the future he comes to the past when wally west is the flash and becomes his sidekick. Later he joins the teen titans. He has above average intelligence as he is from the future but being a flash he is impulsive. Wells being Bart would be something no one would see coming. Now what about the reverse flash suit? Well what if it's a adult version of his kid flash suit. The one part in the show that leads me to believe this could be true is from the mid season final. It's a small thing and most people didn't see it. It's the ring he used to open the suit. It was a flash ring. The Flash ring in the comics is a ring that holds the flash outfit. Mostly the suit in inside it but it makes more sense for it to open a somethin holding it. Maybe when Tom cavanagh stated he was the revere flash he was liying or may he will be zoom for a brief time. Well who know we will have to wait and see.


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