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If there's one thing that needs to be in way more horror movies, it's hungry, terrorizing dinosaurs.

Sure we have Jurassic Park and the upcoming [Jurassic World](movie:32752), but audiences know that the stakes can't REALLY be that high with these big budget actors. They're going to make it to the end and somehow overcome the overpowering force of the prehistoric terrors. What happens when the scaly predators get an ample amount of carnage, and the lives of the unlucky bystanders are truly endangered?

That's the question it looks like Extinction will answer. The British found footage flick is coming to theaters in March, and they just dropped the second trailer full of jumpy moments and monster dinos. The story follows a group of documentary filmmakers (which seems to be the go-to move for horror these days) and researchers who head to the Amazon Rainforest to investigate vulnerable species. After their guide ditches them, they quickly become the most vulnerable species out there.

So, based on the trailer, what can we expect from Extinction?

A rugged survivalist-type leads a team straight into danger

This guy looks like he knows his way around a jungle, but it turns out that's not going to be enough to save the team he's leading. The movie plays on the balance between the (smart) locals who have a "superstitious" fear of prehistoric jungle beasts and the tourists who laugh at them and trudge forward. Not the smartest maneuver.

Dinosaurs quickly move in on the campsite

Despite the fact that a dinosaur rips his face through their tent, the team is still terrified and unable to figure out what the vicious animal is that attacked.

Humans become prey

The dinosaurs stalk the group as the move throughout the rainforest. The situation quickly devolves into a survival scenario as certain members are picked off, leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

And dinosaurs aren't the only dangers out there

This is the Amazon, after all. Dinosaurs were an unwelcome surprise, but there are plenty of other jungle critters that would be none too happy about human invaders. I don't even know what this bug-like thing is, but I know I don't want it anywhere near my face. Blech.

But they're certainly the most deadly

Eventually, the crew comes face to face with the terror they've been trying to avoid, and it look like they don't have much in the way of weapons. How are they going to make it through this one? Last I checked, fogged up glasses aren't a sufficient tool for fending off huge, hungry predators.

The tagline of Extinction is "Nature has evolved." Based on a promise like that, these dinosaurs should exhibit some unprecedented qualities that they spent millions of years cultivating. What could possibly make a dinosaur even more petrifying?

Lastly, though this isn't in the trailer, early reviews say that Extinction does a fantastic job of balancing comedic elements with the basis of horror. The idea of laughing and simultaneously screaming at dinosaurs has me intrigued.

How do you guys feel about the trailer for Extinction?


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