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So if you want to know what this is about check Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 first ;)

Chapter 1:,manual

Chapter 2:,manual

So let's begin Chapter 3.

The Justice League is being fooled
The Justice League is being fooled

Chapter 3

Location: New York

During their first week on Earth, the Justice League we’re planning a strategy plan with Nebula and Ronan.
“Well I guess we’re ready to put the plan in action don’t you think?” – Superman
“Yes, this cannot go wrong.” – Ronan
“Everybody knows their part?” – Superman
“Yes!” – Everyone in the room
“Ok let’s do this.” – Superman
The heroes go with disguises into the streets of New York in order to start the mission. But Loki approaches Ronan and Nebula who were hidden from the public.
“Your plan will fail!” – Loki
“What? What plan are you talking about? Who send you?” – Ronan
“I don’t know if you know but I’m an old friend of The Collector and he and Thanos send me to keep an eye on you. And that’s why I’m here and that’s why I know your plan will fail.” – Loki
“Thanos haven’t said nothing about you.” – Ronan
“Of course not. If the plan was well structured you wouldn’t even known that I was here. But, I’ve seen it and your plan clearly… Well… How can I say it politely… It kinda sucks.” – Loki
“Do you have a better plan?” – Ronan
“Well, in fact, I do have a better plan. But you need to cancel this plan right away so we can check my plan.” – Loki
“Are you sure we should do this?” – Nebula
“Ok let’s call it off.” – Ronan
Ronan told everyone to return to the hideout and that the plan was called off.
“Are you sure?” – Superman
“Yes. Return to base now.” – Ronan
They all return to base alongside Loki.
“What the hell was all of this? We train the damn plan during all week, we started and then it’s called off like that? And who is this weirdo?” – Batman
“Calm down, Bruce. Let’s see what they have to say.” - Superman
“Loki here was send by Thanos to oversee us and apparently our plan is not good. And, apparently, he has a better one.” – Ronan
“The first time I saw you guys talking about the plan I saw it was going to be a complete failure. So I spent the week talking to some of the more prestigious people in our Universe to reunite and help you fulfill your task.” – Loki
“And how many did you gathered?” – Ronan
“Well around twenty more…” – Loki
“Just to take down what? Six or seven guys?” - Batman
“Well the Avengers are powerful enough to take us all down or Thanos wouldn’t need to call you guys here.” – Loki
“Call? He kind of kidnapped us.” – Green Lantern
“That’s not the point. The point is that if the Avengers start to feel threatened they will not strike back alone. There are many evil people that would come to help them right away like the Fantastic Four or even worse… The X-Men. We need more people, that’s what this plan needs more people so we can have the advantage on attacking first and leave them more hurt or they will strike back two times more powerful. Did I make myself clear or do you still need a drawn.” – Loki
“Ok that makes sense.” – Nebula
“So is that people of yours trustful? – Ronan
“Of course they are.” – Loki
“Well so let’s meet them and start this new plan as soon as possible.” – Superman
“Ok, tomorrow we may reunite with them all and see what we should do. Let’s meet in your base ok?” – Loki
“Fine by me.” – Superman


Subchapter 3.1

Location: S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters

“So how are Frank and Peter?” – Captain America
“Peter is recovering well but the Punisher it’s still under surveillance. Those shots leaved him pretty bad.” – Nick Fury
“That’s a shame really, hope he gets well soon.” – Black Widow
“Yeah but we still don’t know who attacked him. My suspicions are for the new guys. Loki’s new pals.” – Nick Fury
“The street guys didn’t know anything?” – Iron Man
“Daredevil only find him on the ground and then they were attacked by Carnage.” – Nick Fury
“Oh when I find Loki he will see what pain is. He’s my brother but he deserves.” – Thor
“It’s Odin fault. Should have give some serious slaps on that little boy when he was younger.” – Iron Man
“He feels rejected since he was a little boy and when he found out he was adopted oh boy that messed him up pretty bad but that’s no excuse for what he does. I will lock him up in an Asgardian prison when I put my hands on him.” – Thor
“Like that plan. First we need to find him. Blondie, any ideas?” – Iron Man
“He’s very good in hiding. I have no idea where he might be.” – Thor
“And we still don’t know who are his friends. They never appeared in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s records.” – Nick Fury
“Maybe they’re from another planet.” – Hulk
“Yeah Loki’s like to travel around the Universe. That’s a nice theory.” – Iron Man
“Yeah but they don’t look like from any other realms besides Earth but they still might be from another planet.” – Thor
“Or from another Universe ahah.” – Hawkeye
“Stop joking around you too Clint. Leave that to Tony.” – Captain America
“Straight into my heart, Cap. That hurts a little.” – Iron Man
“Let’s focus people. We already have people on the streets patrolling. Soon they may found something. But I felt in the obligation of calling someone else. More people to be ready in case we might need their help.” – Nick Fury
“Who? The tiny man and his tiny woman? Give me a break…” – Iron Man
“Nope. Ant-Man and Wasp are already here in S.H.I.E.L.D. if we need them and they are powerful allies Tony. Don’t mock them.” – Nick Fury
“Ok ok… Then who?” – Iron Man
“Don’t worry, I got my resources.” – Nick Fury
“Well if we need more people Captain Rhodes will help too.” – Iron Man
“Yeah I can talk to Falcon and Bucky to help too.” – Captain America
“Is Bucky ready?” – Nick Fury
“Yes, he is. I’ve talked to him and he seems pretty better and want to go back in action soon.” – Captain America
“Ok then. Call Bucky too.” – Nick Fury
“Now that HYDRA is dismantled he feels way better. And Falcon you know… He loves to help us.” – Captain America
“Seems like people enough… Are these guys so relevant that we need all this back up?” – Iron Man
“With Loki we never know. He doesn’t like to strike alone. We never know who’s with him. And in this case we don’t even know who these people are so we might as well be prepared. After Punisher got shot I don’t want to risk.” – Nick Fury
“And what about Carnage? You think he’s involved?” – Hulk
“We don’t know. Maybe.” – Nick Fury
“This is so confusing. The more we dig the less we know. Well I guess we just don’t know nothing of what’s happening.” – Hulk
“That’s what I’m afraid of. We’re completely in the dark on this one.” – Nick Fury
“If only Frank was awake we could know who fire those shots.” – Black Widow
“Well go all back to your places and think better on this.” – Nick Fury
“Ok then. See ya soon.” – Iron Man

What will Doctor Doom change?
What will Doctor Doom change?

Subchapter 3.2

Location: Around New York

As Loki had said, his allies met with the Justice League in order to create a plan.
“So here we are all reunited. So anyone’s missing?” – Loki
“From our people, we’re all here.” – Superman
“The Sinister Six are here as promised and we brought the goblin, Rhino, Scorpion and Venom. Dr. Connor cannot be here today.” – Doctor Octopus
“Just hope it’s not a waste of my time.” – Venom
“It won’t ahah I got big hopes on this plan.” – Green Goblin
“Well… There’s The Mandarin over there with General Ross and Abomination… Red Skull is with The Leader…” – Loki
“Magneto is over there too with three mutants.” – Doctor Octopus
“Hey where’s Victor and Ultron? They said they will be here today.” – Loki
“I don’t know. Maybe they’re late.” – Doctor Octopus
“So let’s start this thing or what?” – Batman
“Wait just let me know who did Magneto brought with him. Hey Magneto. It’s a pleasure to have you here supporting our cause.” – Loki
“Of course it is.” – Magneto
“Introduce us to your partners please.” – Loki
“Oh pardon me. This is Mystique, Juggernaut and Sabretooth.” – Magneto
“Oh it’s a pleasure to know you young lady.” – Loki
“The pleasure’s all mine.” – Mystique
“So well let’s start the meeting hu?” – Loki
Suddenly someone opens the door.
“Hello everyone.” – Doctor Doom
“Finally you got here. Oh and you bring Ultron and that thing with you.” – Loki
“That thing can tear apart if you don’t behave.” – Carnage
“Don’t worry Loki he is with me. He saw your beautiful work the other day if you know what I mean.” – Doctor Doom
“Yes… I do know what you mean.” – Loki
Batman whispers to Superman:
“Why the hell all these guys look like villains dude?” – Batman
“Stop judging them… We’re on another Universe, things are different here.” – Superman
“Just saying… I don’t like this.” – Batman
“Well now that we’re all here let’s get this started.” – Loki
The villains discuss a plan with The Justice League and they finally got one.
“Well guess we’re done here boys.” – Loki
“Yeah it seems like a good plan.” – Ronan
“I told you. With all these guys we cannot fail.” – Loki
“Finally we get a damn plan. I hope this is the plan so we can get over this as soon as possible.” – Batman
“Don’t worry. There won’t be any more changes.” – Loki
All the presents starts to leave the place except for Doctor Doom.
“Loki! Can I talk to you in private?” – Doctor Doom
“Of course you can. Just wait for everybody to get out.” – Loki
“So… I don’t think you should be in charge.” – Doctor Doom
“What? What are you talking about?” – Loki
“I saw all the sloppiness you did the other day leaving that guy out in the street. Even Carnage messed up but he was outnumbered. You were in good position to make that Punisher hostage and have some leverage if something went wrong.” – Doctor Doom
“I thought we was going to die.” – Loki
“Well if so you should have killed him right away, not leave him there.” – Doctor Doom
“And what are you trying to do about that?” – Loki
“I just don’t think you are capable of lead this plan. It’s a good plan. The real plan of destroying Thanos. But I don’t think you can lead a plan of this scale. But I am.” – Doctor Doom
“But I got the idea!” – Loki
“Yes you did. But now I’m in charge or I walk… Ultron walks… Carnage walks… And you know I can make more people walk away from your plan and you don’t want that. So as of now, you will still do the talking with those guys from the other Universe cause you’re good at that. But I will be in charge. Did I make myself clear?” – Doctor Doom
“But…” – Loki
“Yes…” – Loki
“Good, now let’s get out of here and I will lead the next steps.” – Doctor Doom

So it's the end of Chapter 3. Hope you guys liked :)
In Chapter 4 we will be seeing more action.

A little Disclaimer advice: I do not own any of the characters present on this story. They belong to Marvel, DC Comics and their respective owners. I only made this for entertaining purposes.


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