ByAddie Quintana, writer at

A little piece of personal fan art from an Avengers-loving fan. It displays the cast of The Avengers (except Scarlett, I Imagine she would be in the audience watching) taking the stage on set of Magic Mike. Tony Stark, being the natural big shot he is, takes center stage. He's joined by Dr. Banner, who's stepping out of his comfort zone and onto the big stage. Luckily he isn't angry. Can you imagine the hulk in a g-string? Steve is flexing his gorgeous body for the ladies but he looks nervous. Hawkeye sports a purple tie and his casual 'resting face' when he takes stage. Anybody got any singles? Finally we see Thor with a new haircut and a black jacket. He reminds me of Tarzan in the movie (Magic Mike). I can imagine Ms. Potts, Jane Foster, Maria Hill, Darcy Lewis and Natasha Romanoff getting their moneys worth with a show like this. What do you think? Would you watch it?


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