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Well, every night before I go to bed, i check all of my social media (Twitter, Instagram etc.). Then I remembered that I hadn't check IMDb at all that day, so *clickly click* and a begin to scroll through the new trailers they have on display on the front page and after about two or three swipes I see a giant metal "4" and I knew immediately what it was, I didn't even stop to read the name underneath the thumbnail. And I have to say, WOW.

As many of use I have reviewed the teaser many a time and was very impressed, but as any person should I have a few questions. The trailer gives us a lot of a little bit of the movie. You mostly see vague little snippets of the movie, I know that sounds stupid to say for a teaser trailer, but from what it looks like it seems the majority of the movie seems to take place in space, or some deserted rocky area. Nor did is show us much of the characters in action, most of what we got was The Thing being birthed, The Human Torch igniting from a distance, Mr. Fantastic reaching off screen, and finally a panning upward shot of there rear-ends as they watch a bright beam of light shoot into the sky. I would also like to point out in that shot, that it seems that The Thing isn't wearing pants. Ha.

When the original movie was released I knew that Marvel would remake it sooner or later and I considered one of the main principles for remakes was to at least wait ten years, which is exactly what they did. To me, it only fells like yesterday I went with my mom to our local theater with over priced treats and watched the original team in action, but hard to believe the films ten year anniversary is only month before the release of the premiere of the remake, same situation for the Spider-Man films. It seems that me and those masterminds at Marvel share some similarities when it comes to remakes. (Give me a job)

Now it's quite obvious the FX's are going to be out of this world compared to the original, mind you, the original was released when VHS was a thing. It also seems like it is going to be far more dramatic than the original. The remake has a impressive line of writers: Simon Kindberg (X-Man: Last Stand, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse), Jeremy Slater (The Lazarus Effect), and Josh Trank (Chronicle), Josh will also be directing the film as well.

Also, side note, I am not very into reading let alone the comic books, but I really hope that since far more movies are being released and revealing a connection between each other is that they're building up to one giant Marvel universe movie. I'm talking The Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, X-Men all come together and just freaking rage! Maybe, maybe not, I'm just here for the ride.

What do you think of the reboot? Aside from all my criticism, I'm actually really excited for it.


How about it gang?


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