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Alex Cheatom

So I went to see Strange Magic with my family this past weekend. I was initially drawn to this film by the previews. I am a George Lucas fan and I had high hopes that this would be a good movie for the family full of adventure and action and of course magic.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a musical adventure. My entire family enjoyed the music. I haven't seen a really good musical for years. I don't consider Frozen a purely musical film. The choice to bridge musical genres and eras was brilliant. I especially enjoyed the musical mash-ups where they combined different songs that complemented the each other and the story. The song choices also complemented the story and helped to move the plot along.

The animation was beautifully done. The vibrant colors of the fairies realm and and the dark colors of the goblins realm were a great contrast. I enjoyed the animation style as well.

The story is about a princess that has to find out what the true meaning of love is. She is set on a journey of self discovery and ends up finding love in the most unlikeliest of places. Along her journey she discovers what true love really is and in the end is rewarded for her efforts with a like minded individual. The voice acting is wonderful and I like the choices the director made in casting. Each voice fit the personality of the character that was being portrayed.

The end is surprising and initially you think you know who the villain is, but as the story goes on you discover that not everything is as it seems.

If you are looking for a fun family adventure then I wholeheartedly recommend that you take your family to see this fun adventure.


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