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To the unsuspecting and the unbeknownst, Ant-Man is the most ridiculous Avenger on the roster. And there is elephant sized scepticism directed toward the upcoming Summer blockbuster from Marvel, the closing film for Phase II.

A mammoth's trunk chunk of doubts are gathered at this sweet fact: What can an ant-ish man really do? Well, while I do agree that in terms of contribution, he may not be all too important when shrunken - even though he does retain his original strength even when he is small - let us not forget that this is but the beginning of the character's arc.

Hank Pym's [Ant-Man](movie:9048) is already an established character in Marvel Cinematic Universe, albeit in the backdrop. With Paul Rudd taking over the mantle, things will be really exciting come July: Its 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids!' with a Superhero twist. So, while it will be a delightful family summer flick for non fanboys; it will definitely lead to bigger things (got the pun?).

And one of those bigger things, bigger in size than every living thing, is Giant Man. Giant Man is the upgrade to the suit that we deserve and the Avengers surely need.

Scott Lang can pack a mighty punch when he goes Ultra-Man during Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 & 2. And who knows if we do get Giant Man at the end of the film as the big climax reveal, we just might see him make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

Of course, this piece is all fanboy speculation with not much serious thought put into just imagine and geek out at this unlikely but dreamable scenario in Civil War where Giant Man is holding Cap and Iron Man by their toes, and Paul Rudd makes size jokes on them and says, "Now lets see how my toy soldiers fight it out...boom! shoom! poww!" He also looks at Hulk and says, "Hulk Smash? Hulk no smash. Giant is the man. Hulk is puny. Puny like Loki."

Then in the Avengers, Thor looks up to Giant Man and says, "I have faced the Frost Giants and I smote their ruins unto Midgaard!"

Scott says, "But can you stand against the giant fart machine? Sure you can spark some thunder in the gas."

I'm just blabbering at this point.

What a Badass Fan made poster btw!
What a Badass Fan made poster btw!

But on a serious note, how cool would a Giant Man transformation be as a climax to the film? I know there has to be the whole scientific process of actually upgrading the suit's tech to that point...but well.

Do let me know your views in the comments.


Would Ant-Man Go Giant Size In the Film's Climax?


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