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Daniel Portolan

"The Walking Dead’s" mid-season premiere is coming up soon, and to celebrate, Cinefix is taking a look back - all the way back to the comics that inspired the show. The video looks at the first volumes of Robert Kirkman’s comic, side-by-side with the first season of the AMC show, and tells you: “What’s the Difference”?

A lot changed in adapting the Image Comics ongoing graphic novel series for the small screen. From major character changes (Hi, Merle and Daryl!) to plot tweaks, the clip goes through every difference between Season One of "The Walking Dead," and the comics that inspired them.

While there are some big changes from page to screen, it's a lot of the little details that people (who probably never read the comic book) love about the show that were changed.

In AMC’s version, when Rick wakes up from his coma, we learn the zombie apocalypse happened very slowly and mysteriously. In the comic, Rick bursts through a door into the cafeteria where a horde of geeks are awaiting their lunch! The zombie apocalypse is pretty darn clear at that point.

Speaking of that door, in the show it famously reads “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” as zombified fingers attempt to reach through. This is a nod to fans up front and most probably references the sign outside the Wiltshire Estates which reads “All Dead, Do Not Enter”

For more information on other little changes between the two, check out the video:


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