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The opening to this episode was really pretty. So, it only took me 3 seconds to realize that it would all go to hell pretty quickly. I'm on to you, show writers.

The mountain men are ruthless. Correction, the doctor and the son of the President are ruthless. Correction again…this DOCTOR IS CRAZY. Basically, human trials have begun and this scary doctor has no problem with sacrificing her own people in the name of science!

I get that they need to find a way to be above ground but they could have let this girl back in. Clarke and Bellamy need to figure out how to get their people out because I'm super worried for them now. I'm fairly certain not all of them will make it.

Lincoln is hulking out in the drop ship. Instead of just smashing everything though I'm pretty sure he wants to eat them. Gross. Bellamy's trust in Clarke is wonderful. I'm not completely sold on the idea of romance between the two but their dynamic is my favorite on the show. Their character growth (both together and as individuals) has been really nice to watch and I always just expect the two to include each other in everything now. It's weirdly comforting.

At some point during the drop ship scene, Lincoln managed to get loose and attack. It was intense. Everything with Lincoln was intense, though. Luckily, Octavia once again stops Lincoln from doing anything too crazy and it's so heartbreaking that she is the one having to do this. I forget that she is still so young even though she has matured faster than anyone else on the show.

My biggest flaw with this season is Finn Collins. I think that Finn has always been one of the weakest aspects of the show. I don't know if the writers ever really know what to do with him. Give him a contrived romance subplot? Okay. Make him reckless but also preach peace? Ummm? He wants Clarke to trust him but he won't trust her? WHO ARE YOU FINN? He's the only heavily featured regular that I feel like I know little about. It's frustrating because I think the show runners intended for me to care about him but I just don't.

At least in THIS episode Finn showed a bit of remorse for killing innocent grounders. He didn't fight back when Nyko attacked him in the ship; he acknowledged the possibility of not being able to personally rebound from what he did and he realized that the grounders attacking at this moment was directly related to his previous actions against them. I can't understand why NO ONE ELSE on this show sees this. They are treating Finn like what he did has no consequences. Clarke even states that the grounders are not attacking because of what Finn did, they are attacking because that is just what they do. What? WHAT? CLARKE!

The Grounders have only experienced death since the 100 arrived. The rockets burned a village to the ground. The Grounders retaliated. Everything they have done since is because they feel threatened by the sky people. It doesn't help that the sky people have given the Grounders zero reasons to not attack at this point. The Grounders have had to deal with the Mountain Men for years so obviously they are not very trusting outside of their own people. It's all very complicated but I'm team Grounder at this point. Give them Finn. He has little purpose on the show outside of being a love interest to Clarke and even that is weak. Sacrificing Finn is necessary for this show to move forward. We can't have a Grounder/Sky People stalemate for forever.

Jasper, Monty, Miller, Harper and two randos form the Breakfast Club over at Mount Weather. Are they all Judd Nelson in this instance? Probably. Who are those other two kids? Why were they not allowed to join the heist later on?

What I took from the Breakfast Club was that Monty is adorable and Miller is beautiful. Like really beautiful. I guess it was also interesting to note that Miller was most likely a privileged kid on the Ark. Can we learn more about Miller? and about his dad?

Speaking of Papa Miller, someone finally decides to call you out, Abby! If Clarke was still trapped at Mount Weather I do not think Abby would have ever considered leaving Camp Jaha. The fact that she was asking other parents to do so was annoying. Miller's dad kind of threw it in her face and I loved it. Four for you, Papa Miller!

The rest of the Camp Jaha scenes were a mess. A good mess. A really really good mess. I do not envy Abby, Jaha, Clarke or Bellamy. Leading in this society seems terrible and scary. I get why Jaha wants to leave and I see why Abby wants to stay. I don't know the correct answer. I'm not sure there is one. I do believe that Abby is making more of her decisions based off of Clarke and not necessarily on behalf of the whole. Jaha was right that Clarke's plan was a HUGE risk. Abby's faith in Clarke is sweet but I also just feel like she is trying to stay in Clarke's good graces after being a crappy parent for the past year. I guess it all works out in the end but I don't think Jaha was out of line for trying to help the people in the best way he knew how.

Lexa is awesome. That's probably all I need to say but I want to say more. Her throne? Awesome. Her makeup? Awesome. Her ability to just flick her hand in order to silence her second in command? Awesome. We should keep her. I respect her willingness to hear Clarke out. Obviously, the Grounders want to figure out how to help their people that have been turned into Reapers. She really could have just disposed of Clarke in a second but her decision to listen was telling. I can see why she is the Grounder commander.

AND THE THRONE? Does she have a group of men that carry her to and fro? Do they actually take that whole tent set up everywhere they go? I like to think so. If Lexa has to get her hands dirty might as well be fancy about it.

One last question. I was taking my dog out for a pee break after the episode and it made me think about the plumbing situation in this show. Where do they use the bathroom? Do the Grounders dig holes? Do you think they've discovered old crumbling toilets hanging out in the forest? If the Parkade (and all of those cars) survived the nuclear war, could some toilets? Also, wouldn't previous Grounders that lived closer to the time of the nuclear war just know stuff about previous life on Earth? Like how did they not know about CPR? Wouldn't someone that had survived try to pass that along to these guys. It has been less than 100 years. I need to know more about the day-to-day lives of all the different groups on Earth. Please. Also, more Bellamy. Is he going to get a storyline this season? I really miss him.

Jaha, out.


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