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Before we begin:

I was out shopping with my roommates when I read a tweet about season 3 and I had to keep myself from screaming in the middle of Victoria's Secret (semi-annual sales are legit, y'all). I was basically useless for the rest of the day. All I did was check twitter and pretend to care about real life. I love this show. I get more excited to watch this show than I do any other and I'm just so happy I could squeal.

Moving on! This was the first episode back from the mid-season break, and while it wasn't jam packed with action, it was one of the more exciting (and frustrating) episodes of this season. Exciting because I became 100% more into the idea of Bellamy and Clarke over the hiatus. Frustrating because I became 100% more into the idea of Bellamy and Clarke over the hiatus. It's going to be a rough second half of season 2. At least we have a season 3 though! SQUEEEEEE!

I tend to never like the lead characters in pop culture. I'm not entirely sure why but it's the best friends/sidekicks that I generally gravitate towards. I love Clarke, though. So many of her decisions frustrate me but I think Eliza Taylor gives her so much depth that I find myself caring for Clarke's well being. Even when she turns cold and distant. Cold and distant Clarke can't last long though, can she? I hope not. She needs a break.

The episode picks up right after Clarke kills Finn. She is obviously distraught with what she had to do. It's heartbreaking to watch her desparately try to clean the blood off of her hands. Finn's death will definitely haunt her for the rest of the season. Oh, or now. Like Finn is actually haunting her right now. What? It's a little creepy that she keeps seeing him during the episode but I guess it serves a purpose? I hope.

Lexa's chair! I love that chair! It's a throne, really. Lexa informs Clarke that her people burn the bodies of the murdered with their murderer. That's…special. Clarke understands that she is not in a position to go against this since she already took the act of killing Finn away from them. She insists that she go with them however. Lexa agrees and tells her to bring her people's representatives. This is a great scene for two reasons.

First, Lexa is beginning to trust Clarke. It isn't a deep trust but it's enough to start an alliance between the Grounders and the Arkers. Second, an adult Arker FINALLY acknowledges that a child is in charge and it's not completely horrible. The adults have been serious buzzkills even though the kids they sent to the ground know WAY more about Earth than they do. When Abby freaks out about Clarke going with Lexa to the funeral Kane rightly acknowledges that Clarke is now their leader. Lexa believes this, the Grounders believe this and now the Arkers need to believe this. I'm really ready for Clarke and Bellamy to rescue the 47 in Mount Weather so they can all take over Camp Jaha and run it like the capable youth that they are. Take that, adults!

Oh, Bellarke. Just go ahead and add me to your massive army of fangirls. Bellamy has been sidelined a bit so far this season. Almost all of his scenes though have been about protecting Clarke or supporting Clarke. The creator of the show, Jason Rothenberg, made a statement that if Clarke is the Princess, Bellamy is her Knight. Sign me up for all of this.

Bellamy doesn't trust the Grounder army because they haven't had any success against the Mountain Men. He wants to try to infiltrate Mount Weather so he can help take it down from the inside. Clarke thinks it's too dangerous and tells him no. I'm SO glad that Bellamy stands up for himself. He tells her that he doesn't take orders from her so he needs a better reason to not go. It's clear that Bellamy is Clarke's second in command and not the other way around and he is definitely deferring a lot of decisions to her at this point. He is still his own person, though, and is still a capable leader. Also, he really needs his own storyline. C'mon, writers. LET HIM DO THIS. Even though it will inevitably put him in mortal peril. Maybe don't let him do this? :[

Clarke does give him a pretty good reason to not go, however. She says that she "can't lose him too" and OMGJDAKDSAH. It's probably not romantic. It's totally romantic. Nah…maybe? Whatever it is, these two need each other and I am so into it.

The crew at over at Mount Weather are still trying to escape. Monty is really the only one with any idea of what to do. He needs some supplies, including a "big ass hammer", to make it work. HAHA. Miller somehow manages to find one and they start knocking a hole in the wall. Monty is good enough with technology to figure out that Mount Weather is jamming all of the communication lines in the area. That's why they can't communicate with any of their people on the outside. It's also the reason why the Exodus ship crashed in the first season. Oops. Monty sets up a message but needs to break into the control room in order to stop the jamming signal so that the message can get out to the Arkers. All of this focus on Monty makes me really worried for him. I do not like being worried for Monty. Take Jasper, please. NEVER MONTY.

The name of the village where Finn killed 18 people is Tondc (ton-dee-see). It looks like the residents of Tondc found a burned sign for Washington D.C. and just went with it. That's cute. Tondc is far enough away that the Grounders and Ark representatives have to camp out for the night. Adorable. Clarke continues to build her relationship with the Grounders by sleeping closer to their camp. Bellamy follows. Of course. Meanwhile, Lincoln is finally relevant again. His people basically hate him for loving one of the Sky People. Or maybe it's just Indra? She kind of hates everyone though. Lincoln and Octavia share a sweet moment and then start shoving some PDA in everyone's face. Really, guys? Is this the best time? It's a good thing that Bellamy didn't see them because you know he would have said something. He was probably staring at Clarke though. Probably.

When the party arrives at Tondc, Gustus makes everyone disarm before entering. Raven hilariously has like 20 different weapons. She also gives Gustus quite the stare down while he disarms her. She is still justifiably pissed about Finn. She is also still maybe not so justifiably pissed at Clarke for killing FInn. I hope they make up soon. I like their friendship.

The Grounders and Arkers hold a feast to celebrate the beginning of their alliance. Kane brings alcohol because Arkers know how to party. Lexa wishes to give a toast but allows Gustus to try the drink first. I was half expecting Bellamy to do the same for Clarke because he is clearly being paralleled to Gustus. It's a good thing he didn't though, because the drink was poisoned. Well, this was inevitable. Nothing ever goes right for these people. Naturally, the Grounders blame the Arkers and even Lexa is caught up in the blame game. She seems pretty hurt that Clarke would do this to their blossoming friendship. They had a heart to heart about past loves and everything! I'm going to need more background on this by the way. Lexa's girlfriend was killed by the ice people? The ICE PEOPLE? This show is doing some serious world building and they are going to need to deliver on it. Good thing we have a season 3. YAY.

A quick trip back to Mount Weather shows a foolish Monty trying to get into the command center all by himself. He impersonates a Weatherite worker and tells the guard that he has to scan the room for radiation. It's a smart beginning of a plan. He succeeds in un-jamming the Mount Weather signal so now his message can get out to the other Arkers. When he leaves however, he doesn't follow protocol (because he doesn't know the Mount Weather protocol!) and is caught by a guard. MONTY. Why? WHY!

The Grounders blame Raven for the poisoning because they find a vial or something in her jacket. The Arkers know that it wasn't Raven and believe that they were set up but Lexa wants blood. Before they take Raven, Abby tries to have a heart to heart with Clarke. Everyone awkwardly notices that Clarke is talking to ghost Finn and they are obviously worried about her. Abby tries to relate what Clarke did to Finn to what happened with her dad. I'm glad they are finally talking this through. Clarke doesn't think they are the same. Abby turned her husband in which resulted in his death while Clarke had to mercifully kill her love.

At the same time, Clarke realizes that her dad would have never stopped trying to alert the Ark people that the Ark was failing even if Abby asked him to stop. Abby tried to protect him by going to Jaha but she couldn't. So he was killed for his treason. Finn went down a path that he may not have been able to come back from and when Clarke couldn't protect him, he was killed and she allowed it to happen. Just like her mother did. They are completely different situations that ultimately led to the same result.

This is the point were Clarke begins to spiral. She is hallucinating Finn. Now that I think about it, Clarke has had A LOT of head injuries since this show started. That's probably causing some of this mess. Anyway, Clarke blames her mother for her father's death but she also sees how she is similar to her mom and she hates it. Poor Clarke. This day started off so promising.

While the Grounders begin to slowly kill Raven for her "crime" Clarke realizes that the drink they offered at the feast was never poisoned. It was the cup. The cups that were provided by the Grounders. Clarke tells Lexa and to prove it she takes a drink from the bottle. When they see that she is fine, Lexa begins to understand that it was one of her own people that poisoned the cup. Smarty pants Bellamy figures out that it was GUSTUS! Whaaaaat? I kind of just assumed it would be Indra. Indra loves death and was really against the alliance. Gus confesses that he believes the alliance will be the death of Lexa. So, he tried to sabotage the alliance to protect her. That's sweet. I guess. The Grounders have rules for this though so Gustus is sentenced to death. Harsh. They string him up and begin to kill him the way they would have killed Finn. Raven see this and realizes that what Clarke did for Finn was merciful. I guess that's one step towards reconciliation.

Lincoln asks Bellmay how he knew it was Gustus and Bellamy said, "He'd do anything for her, to protect her. It just makes sense." *BE STILL MY HEART* That line is, coincidently, exactly how I feel about Bellamy. Octavia then says, "and look at the thanks that he got" and I instantly became worried for Bellamy's well-being. I thought I liked the Bellamy/Gustus parallels but now that Gus is dead…ugh. No. Please, no.

Earlier in the episode Lexa tells Clarke that love is weakness. Clarke scoffed at first because she would personally choose to love. Seeing ghost Finn and fighting with her mom over her dad's death made her somehow believe that Lexa was right. So many people that she loved died like her dad, Wells and Finn. It's complete bull, but she thinks that she can only be a strong leader if she doesn't love. The tipping point is when she tells Bellamy that he should go with his original plan and infiltrate Mount Weather. He notes that she hated that plan because it was too dangerous. Clarke can't care about that now though because she has to do what she has to do to rescue the 47. If that can only happen by putting Bellamy at risk, then it's work the risk. What I heard during all of this:

"I can't lose you, too."

"Love is weakness."

"I was being weak."


Whatever form of love it is, Clarke loves Bellamy. But love is weakness. So she just basically tells him that his potential death is worth the risk of rescuing their friends and peaces out to go find Lexa. Cold, Clarke. So cold. Even though Bellamy wanted go through with this plan at the beginning of the episode, he was clearly hurt by having Clarke's heartless permission to do so. I like that Lincoln, Octavia and Raven are all "uggh…this is brutal" as they watch the exchange.

So, Monty was caught. And Harper is alive! Woo! Monty wakes up in a cage and a very weak Harper tells him that there are 47 cages. One for each of them. Dun dun dun. This doesn't look good. Good thing Bellamy and Lincoln are on their way to Mount Weather. These kids are going to need all the help they can get.

Bellamy is getting a storyline! I wanted this! I did. Maybe I did. He better not die. Oh well.

Jaha, out.


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