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We've seen a bunch of rumors in the last few days about the mischievous tweets and instagram posts by Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson, and us creators at MoviePilot are all over it:

Allen Kayne posted: Actor Teases GREEN LANTERN John Stewart Role! Is the Dawn of JUSTICE LEAGUE Complete?

But alas, it's all left up to speculation for the most part and it could just be the actor musing at the mere thought of the role like Idris Elba did a while ago when he posted a fan-image of himself as John Stewart:

But, alas! I believe Tyrese is going a bit further beyond trolling or self-fan-castings.

The man has recently posted another cryptic but suggestive post to his instagram. It's not another fan-rendering of the man as John Stewart donning a glowing green skin-suit. No, it's...well...just check it out:

On this post, Gibson wrote:

I don't talk..... I move..... #GreenLanternMission

Could Gibson really be in talks to play John Stewart in Justice League or Green Lantern's 2020 reboot?

To me, this is similar to how cryptic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was being whenever he was rumored to be in a DC film before it was announced that he'd be in the Shazam movie. I think we really might be getting this! And I'm okay with it.

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