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Jashan Boparai

Entertainment Earth just revealed a Thanos-Infinity Gauntlet mug, and it does not disappoint. Although it's only left handed for now, I have no trouble believing they'll come out with a right handed one. Just in case you're wondering (because I had trouble figuring out how the hell this works) You slip your hand around the mug, and the only way is to have your hand in the glove.

The mug holds 11 ounces (0.3 litres for us Canadians). Unfortunately, the mug isn't microwave or dishwasher safe, but seriously, do we even care? I'd hand wash a mug if it meant I could be Thanos (from my wrist down on one hand).

The mug is only available at Entertainment Earth, and ships in May (but you can get on the pre-order list now!). The mug is $16, surprisingly cheap for the self confidence and power it gives you. Here's the link to pre-order.


Are you getting the mug?


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