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We all remember these classics from when we were younger. The books in the trilogy Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark from the genius mind of Alvin Schwartz, with chilling illustrations by Stephen Gammel, haunted our dreams for weeks after reading. Unless that was just me. I truly hope it wasn't just me.

One of the most popular (and most horrific) in the trilogy was poor Ruth and her Red Spot on her cheek. Or perhaps you remember the Slithery-Dee (or perhaps you don't because he ate you).

Well, those stories that chilled you to the bone may be recreated! In a live action film! Cue gasps and Macaulay-Culkin-style-face-grabbing. It's been in talks for some time now that the writers of Saw and The Collection could potentially write the film. I don't necessarily know how child-friendly that would make these films, but I sure do appreciate if they tailored the stories to grow up with the group of us that read them as kids. The gorier and more graphic, the better.

According to an article on Screenrant, CBS Films has the rights to the series, but don't necessarily intend on turning it into a feature-length, but Deadline suggests that the film will boast:

"a screenplay about a group of outcast kids who stand up to their fears to save their town when nightmares come to life."

Does this sound a little bit like Stephen King's IT to anyone? That's even more exciting.

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Who's excited to have their childhood fears realized?


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