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Los Angeles! Home to some of the biggest stars! Well recently, I got to feel like a star myself as I flew out to L.A, walked the red carpet, hung out with some awesome dudes and watched one of the greatest movies I've ever seen! Aaron Kelly and the Moviepilot crew got in contact and asked me if I wanted to go out to LA and check out the premiere for Project Almanac! You can imagine my extreme excitement (even "extreme" is too soft of a word to explain it). The next day, I flew down from Phoenix to LA and drove down to the MP office with Andrew Marco. Andrew introduced me to everyone in the extraordinary MP crew! After some quick but memorable hello's and a tour of the office, Aaron and I headed out to the premiere. Donning our finest pieces of clothing, we drove down to Hollywood to check it out!

I quickly learned to adapt to all the hustle and bustle of a big-time Hollywood premiere. We got in line and waited to get on the red, well, black carpet! I was lucky enough to talk to Tay Zonday, a YouTube star known for his impeccable singing voice (if you haven't heard him sing 'You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch' then you're missing out). Aaron took a picture of Zay and I while we chatted it up!

Me, Tay Zonday and an Egyptian Pharaoh.
Me, Tay Zonday and an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Of course the place was packed with stars and important people. From producers, to actors, to YouTube stars! They were all there! Being a man of many talents, one of which is photo-bombing, I made sure to get in a few star packed photos myself.

Photo-bombing is an art form.
Photo-bombing is an art form.

Besides accompanying me to the event, Aaron was also sort of the self-appointed camera guy. He took a ton of photos, it was as if he had a serious case of trigger finger! Of course, we made sure to take a plethora of selfies while there. You can't go to a premiere without getting in a bunch of selfies, you can't go anywhere without that actually!

The premiere wasn't calm for a second! There were crowds of people just talking and greeting each other, all of them going to see the film. The premiere, as big as it is, of course had tons of reporters at it. There were people from nearly every media website there, snapping photos of the stars with huge cameras, somehow yelling over each other no matter how loud the others got! Some were hanging over the gates so much they could have fallen in! Others were already over the gates, scrambling to get some good pictures of the event.

The reporters didn't compare to the size of the crowd however! People amassing together in one confined spot, it was amazing we all fit in front of the Chinese Theater! The crowd was already incredibly packed when we got there, but to my surprise it seemed like people were still just arriving!

This isn't even a quarter of the crowd there!
This isn't even a quarter of the crowd there!

While we waited to head in to the theater, Aaron got busy with the trigger finger photo snapping once more. Taking some sweet shots of the local scenery and me.

And of course he had to get some good pictures of the fancily attired premiere arrivals!

Though it had already been about thirty minutes after the movie was supposed to start, no one went in just yet. I kind of figured the film wouldn't be showing at the exact time it said it would. With so many people arriving and reporters trying to get tons of pictures of everyone, it was bound to be a bit postponed. I didn't mind at all though, the carpet was an awesome place and I had fun just talking to people there and hanging out with Aaron.

An hour later, people were still arriving and I was still having a grand time! One of the cool new arrivals was the brilliant Michael Bay, director of the Transformers films and producer of Project Almanac! He also directed Bad Boys II and Armageddon, two of my most favorite films!

Even being close to him was awesome, I felt starstruck for a moment.

It's Michael Bay!
It's Michael Bay!

Soon were finally able to get on the carpet and walk like celebrities! But not before getting a picture in front of the movie's poster!

Aaron and I took a walk down the carpet and got a ton of memorable pictures! I loved it, it was just like being a celebrity and having all eyes on me!

We walked on the carpet and had fun taking pictures and feeling like celebrities!

Once we got off the carpet, I took a look around and noticed that the crowd had got even larger. We were now in the territory where reporters were allowed to go wild and get closer to the people they wanted to get photos of! Being a clever and sneaky individual, I took it upon myself to get a few photo-bombs with Mr. Bay himself!

The stars were chatting, people were taking selfies, and reporters were clamoring to get good shots! I was amazed I could hear everything so clearly despite the loud music (they played some awesome tunes by the way).

We finally headed inside the theater!

Once in, Aaron and I grabbed some popcorn, drinks and took some more photos inside the beautiful Chinese Theater! The design of the theater was nothing like anything I've ever seen. I could see why the glorious building was so famous!

After some awesome picture taking, we sat down to watch the film. Let me tell you I'm not exaggerating when I say the theater was HUGE! There were hundreds of seats and the screen was a large IMAX screen! Definitely the biggest theater I've been in.

I'm usually a back row kind of guy, but I could see the whole screen clearly and comfortably from where we were. The darkness of the theater didn't stop Aaron from getting some great shots of us before the movie started!

The film was amazing! It's times like this I wish I could be a word-inventor or something so I could invent some better words to describe how great this film is! For now, I'll just say that Project Almanac is monumentally phenomenal! The cast was great, the movie was solid and it managed to get past the biggest problem in time-travel movies—plot holes.

Once the film ended, we went back outside and got one last picture in front of the theater.

We decided to take a walk through Hollywood and check out the sights! Including the flashy and impressive El Capitan Theater and one of the fanciest looking McDonalds I've ever seen!

It was already pretty late at this point, so Aaron took me back to my glorious Santa Monica hotel and I caught some Z's.

The next day, I headed back to the MP office to hang out for a little while more before I had to go back home. I talked to the awesome Kristin Lai and more! I even got a cool Marvel poster and a picture with the MP Minion!

Aaron, Marco and I chilled in the "man cave" -- their awesome work space! We just talked, looked at cool MP swag with their newest MP team member, Danica, and just had a fun time!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. So Marco and I got in his car and drove to the airport so I could catch my flight back home.

I am going to miss LA and the MP crew, but I'm excited to be back at home and bragging to everyone I know about my adventures! I am incredibly honored to have received this insanely cool opportunity. The MP crew was great and friendly, the premiere was an amazing scene and the film was spectacular. I hope I'm able to do a lot more things with Moviepilot in the future!

I'm Adonis Gonzalez! Thanks MP for flying me out and making me feel welcome, and thank you Project Almanac for making my top list of favorite 2015 films!


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