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Brianna Breezy Nathaniel

So earlier today I was browsing the recently added section of Netflix when I came upon something wonderful.

I don't know if everyone watches Netflix like I do, but I found the best movie to ever exist. Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story. The name says it all. It's the biography of J.K. Rowling and how the amazing story we all know and love came to life.

I enjoyed the movie. From the glimpses into her childhood to the dream she had, I was hooked. I won't give away too much of the movie. I hate it when people spoil something for me.


It's amazing.

The movie got me thinking about my own writing, my story and what one of my friends said about my first book.


I think part of the reason why people will love this book is because it isn't just about one person. It's about a family. It's about child that wasn't supposed to be born. It's about a lie that wasn't meant to be told.

I love the Harry Potter series and it was my inspiration for writing my own books. It was my childhood and without it I honestly believe if I had never read it, I would be a completely different person today.

A little over two years ago I wrote my first book and not much came from it. I self-published it through so I could see it in print. My grandmothers and my best friend love it. My best friend believes in the book series so much that she believes that everyone would like it. I am not sure about that but I guess I could give this a try. The first book in the series is called The Curse of Everwood and it is available on in print and eBook. I am not trying to piggy back on J.K Rowling's success or say that my book is better because I am not.

My story is different. If anyone is still reading this post, here's a small summary.

This young adult fantasy drama centers on the Norwood family. Secrets are revealed, lies are uncovered, and lives are changed. A witch creates a curse that brings magical creatures to Earth and the only person that can lift the curse is the child she kidnapped.

I've been told it's like a mash up between Once upon a time and a Disney princess story.

Interested? Hate me? That's okay. You can speak your mind right here in the comments.


So what do you think? Would you read the Everwood Ever After series?


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