ByShahzain Aslam, writer at
Shahzain Aslam

Who could Dr. Harrison Wells be? Well I think I pretty much found out the answer. First of all I want you all to know that this is my first theory. Okay what I think is Dr. Wells is Barry Allen from the future. So why would he come to the past? Well he probably came to the past to save his mother who was murdered when he was eleven. So he wants to rewrite the past. So Dr.Wells (Barry) travels to the past to save his mother from the Reverse Flash, now a lot of you know that Dr. Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. We found that out in the mid season finale. So when Dr. Harrison Wells (Barry) finds the reverse flash and they start fighting they fight and get to Barry's house and red and yellow lighting was the both of them fighting.

While they fight somehow his mother gets in the center and obviously if two meta Hinman's are fighting it is not really a good place to be in so what Barry (twenty five year old one does is he gets himself who is eleven out of the house and as far away as possible, now while they fight Barry's mother dies and most probably Barry defeats the Reverse Flash and maybe gets stuck in the past. Grows up and becomes a huge scientist named Dr. Harrison Wells. Now as we see Dr. Wells keeps checking the future newspaper which says "The Flash disappears in crisis" with the date of twenty fifty. When he defeats the Reverse Flash he maybe keeps his suit. So Dr. Wells trains himself Barry Allen (twenty five year old) so he could go back in time and right the wrongs he did? What do you think?


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