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Alright so let's start this off with saying, you must of seen all of the Taken movies to get this Easter Egg. Most of the people who have seen Taken 3 did not notice this unless they have seen all of the Taken movies! Or at least have a vivid memory of some of the scenes in Taken.

So let's get into some of the details of this hidden Easter Egg!

In the first Taken movie, Kim, Brian Mills daughter, Obviously she's kidnapped after a spotter lured her back to her friends cousins apartment in Paris. During this encounter back at the apartment while her friends dancing to the music, Brian (Kim's Father aka Liam Neeson) calls and asks why she hadn't called him right after she landed, as she walks into the bathroom upon seeing the masked intruders take her friend and drag her away, upon realizing what is happening, she hides under a bed, after her father tells her to do so. Skipping all the smaller details (Sorry for that) then comes the famous line from Brian Mills "I don't know what you want, I can tell you I don't have any money, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you... If you let her go this will be the end of it, but if you don't, I will find you, and I will kill you." -Brian Mills. Then the intruder says "Good luck." *Phone hangs up.*

Now after realizing his daughter has just been taken, the scene continues on where he's inside his car driving down a highway (Heading to Lenore's & Stewart's home) and he calls one if his ex-C.I.A friends (Sam aka Leland Orser) to identify the language that is being used and to translate the recording that he had taken earlier when she was being kidnapped (In Paris).

Now here comes the Easter Egg, Get ready for this!... The scene continues on, and we see Brian Mills rush to his ex-wife's house aka Stewart's house (Also where his daughter is living, with the mother Lenore), there after we see him rush up the stairs saying to Stewart and his ex-wife Lenore that Kim (Brian's Daughter) has been taken... Now here it comes!


Brian asks Stewart if he has any enemies over seas, and he asks if there's anyone looking to hurt him, and then he says, well you were apart of an Oil Deal with a bunch of Russians that went south (Didn't work out so well, Possibly meaning they were looking for him, or that he owed them something!). And then Stewart replies with how did you know that? Which Brian replies to that with I wasn't going to let my daughter live with someone without knowing everything about them. Coincidence that the third movie's bad guys are Russians and that they mention them in the first movie? Nope!

The scene in Taken (2008):

Taken (2008)
Taken (2008)


In Taken 3 all the bad guys at the beginning of the movie are Russian, And the guy who's the boss asks the employee where his boss was and that he owed them a bunch of money! Now you can obviously get from that is that he is indeed looking for Stewart, You must be a fan of every Taken to see that they do in some way connect! Stewart in the first movie is given out as an Easter Egg that he does indeed does deals with Russians! Brian asking if he has any enemies in the first Taken just glorifies this Easter Egg, if you have an imagination of course. In Taken 3 half way through the movie if you have seen it, when they haven't even given the motive to Stewart's plan they show another deal with the Russians that has to do with Machinery, obviously it's not oil, but what runs a lot of Machinery... Oil! So the at the start of the movie if you're a die hard Taken fan you will know who's the real Villain of this movie! (Besides the gun wielding Russian mob boss.) So finish this off you get that with both the Easter Egg in Taken (2008) and at the beginning of Taken 3 (2014) That Stewart owes him money, the Russian mob boss. (Opening scene once again for Taken 3 is the Russian mob boss, asking for his location because he owes him money, aka Stewart.)

Now this is just all speculation but usually when someone thinks of a deal that gone wrong is someone was double crossed, you really have to have a certain set of mind to think oh wait, "Remember that one scene where?" If you get where I'm coming from. You would think if you watched the movie and studied it, Stewart is suspicious from the start, aside from Lenore's good looks, Why would a man that has dealt with some pretty serious and obviously illegal deals want a relationship with someone who had married an is also still friends with in the C.I.A? or use to be obviously. Now that you'd get deals with oil aren't illegal but it's pretty shady to just have a deal with some random shady Russian businessmen. I'd also like to go on with saying I'd show clips of it, but the movie isn't released, and for the very few who have seen it, you'd get where I'm coming at, only if you have really gotten into the Taken Series.

Now take a moment and let's Recap I never like going out without one just to reassure where I'm coming from. (Second movie; Taken 2, References Lenore telling Brian that Stewart is gone off on a business trip so she attends the trip, Meaning Stewart does a lot of travelling, Possible places, Awe I don't know, maybe Russia. I know it sounds outlandish but they plot revealed it, sorry for repeated things on here, but to get the point that I'am trying to make you have to see where I'm saying the major smalls plots reveals are given.)


Taken (2008): Brian Mills some how already "Coincidentally" knows that Stewart has gone into some deals with the Russians, He says it went bad, it went "South". That's not a very good word to describe something that went bad, because that usually means it went below the line of just going horribly wrong. Remember all of this is about a deal for "Oil".


[Taken 3](movie:678612) (2014): Scene starts off and the Russian mob boss, who 'use' to live in Russia is looking for the boss of a current employee that works there, Now let's think of this, Out of every single Taken movie who was the guy was that first introduced as the "Rich" Guy who had lots of money, and also did deals with Russians. (Not to mention the Russian accents that are plain as day right at the beginning of the movie.) Now who has a lot of money but also has a lot to loose doing shady deals with Russian mob bosses like the one in Taken 3 = Stewart.

So who's the villain hinted in every taken you may ask?


The Trailer for Taken 3:

So you decide was this an Easter Egg to the motive he has in Taken 3? or was this just an accidental plot reveal the writers had over thought?

Give me your opinions on this Easter Egg, if either this was purposely a planned future plot or it was totally on accident! (Sorry if things are a little combined, this is my first time posting!)


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