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Finding Nemo came out when I was six years old. I remember waiting in line at my local theater with anxiety and excitement slowly building up. The film made a total of $339.7M at the box office Amazing!. Finding Nemo is my all time favorite Disney Pixar film. I remember sitting in the theater, from beginning to end the movie had me crying tears of joy and laughing out loud. I gathered 10 Fun Facts about the film. Enjoy!

1. Finding Nemo was the first pixar film to show blood, when dory's nose bleeds.

2. "Finding Nemo" is the top selling DVD of all time.

3. The kid at the dentist's office is reading a Mr.Incredible comic book.

4. Nemo is featured in Monsters, inc.

5. Buzz Lightyear is featured in Finding Nemo.

6. Work on Finding Nemo began in 1997.

7. Finding Nemo was the first Pixar movie to take place outside the U.S.

8. Nemo's mother's death was originally meant to be revealed in flashbacks.

9. Gil’s mouth was modeled to look like his voice actor, Willem Dafoe’s, mouth.

10.The seagulls were modeled after the penguins from Wallace and Gromit.


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