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Middle-earth is the fictional universe setting of the majority of author J R R Tolkien’s Fantasy writings. The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Ring’s take place entirely in Middle-earth, as does much of The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. -

There are a lot of interesting facts about the writings of Middle Earth but also about the trilogies movies of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

10. The Rings of Power Were Forged By...

The rings of power were the masterwork of the Elven-smiths of Eregion commanded by Celebrimbor. At the time Sauron was able to put on an appearance that fooled the elves. He taught them how to make magic rings and 19 in total were created. Sauron poured his evil into 16 of the rings, while Celebrimbor kept the three most powerful rings hidden. This is the reason why Sauron was not able to control the Elves, which he planned to dominate through the rings. Sauron then went and forged the one ring in secrecy so he could bring the rings and their wearers under his control.

9. The Return of the King Had the Highest Movie Body Count.

The Return of the King was not just a movie, it was so much more, the end of an amazing trilogy, proof that a marvellous book could be tamed and made into a movie.It was no surprise when The Return of the King won so many awards, breaking records and setting the mark. There is one thing you may not know, The Return of the King has the highest on screen body count ever depicted in movie. 836 bodies of orcs and trolls ransacking Edoras, men united under one banner fighting for freedom.

8. Sean Connery Turned Down the Role of Gandalf

Gandalf was played by actor Sir Ian McKellen and no one could ever imagine a different Gandalf, however the role was offered to Sean Connery first. Sean said he did not understand the role of Gandalf, even after reading the books. Being offered 15% of profits was still not enough for Mr. Connery which would of made him around $450 million.

7. The Ring of Power Doesn't Actually Make You Invisible

The ring doesn’t simply make people invisible. It shifts their bodies from the physical world into an otherwise unseen spirit world.However when Sauron wore the ring he did not disappear from sight like Frodo or Bilbo.Sauron was a Maia like Gandalf a sort of lesser angel who inhabited both the physical and spiritual worlds and thus could not transport to where he already lived.

6. Legolas and Gimli ‘The bromance that never died’

Legolas and Gimli where both members of the fellowship that set out from Rivendale to destroy the ‘Ring’. A bond quickly grew between the Elf and the dwarf, ‘they had each other's backs’.Throughout the Lord of the rings movie trilogy a humorous bromance develops, a bond forged during war if you haven't read the books, more precisely in the appendix of The Return of the King.Legolas sails for Valinor (undying lands) in a boat crafted by himself accompanied by Gimli. It was quite remarkable that a Dwarf was allowed in Valinor, but he wanted to see the beauty of Lady Galadriel one last time and she was able to get him accepted into heaven.So ladies and gentleman the ‘Bromance’ of Legolas and Gimli really does last forever.

5. The Elf Celebrimbor Also Built The Door To The Mines of Moria.

The door to the mines of Moria reveals the stars of the seven sons of Feanor who was an elf that created the 3 Silmarils and the Palantir.It was built by the same Elves lead by Celebrimbor that recreated the 19 rings of power.

4. Shelob Wasn't Just A Normal Spider...

She is the daughter of Ungoliant, a spirit that predates time like Tom Bombadil but that is evil and chooses to take the form of a spider. All the large spiders in Middle Earth are descended from her.

3. Aragorn Was There!!!

When he was a child, Aragorn's mother took him to live in Rivendell after his father was killed. So when Bilbo came to the Last Homely House East of the Sea for the first time, the 10-year-old Aragorn was living there. Sadly, we can only imagine this fanfic-worthy meeting because there is no mention of Aragorn in "The Hobbit." Why? Because Tolkien had not yet invented this character. In fact, in an early draft of "The Fellowship of the Ring" the mysterious stranger Frodo meets at The Prancing Pony was called Trotter, and he was a hobbit!

2. It Takes Frodo 17 Years To Start His Journey

For those who are fans of the films, there appear to be only a few weeks, if that, in between the ring falling into Frodo’s hands and the beginning of his epic journey to Mount Doom at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring. However, in the version of the novel, things don’t move quite so quickly, and by the time Frodo sets out with the ring, a whopping 17 years have passed in between Bilbo’s eleventy-first party and the start of the adventure.

1. Sheep Crafted The Natural Look Of The Shire

Hobbiton was made a year before production began to make it look like it was a natural, lived-in place, complete with real vegetable patches. The greens department regulated the length of the grass by having sheep eat it.The shire and Hobbiton was filmed in MataMata, New Zealand and remains a tourist attraction to this day.I think the sheep are still there.

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