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That's right The Elder Scrolls Online has dropped it's Pay to Play status after months of speculation over Bethesda's dropping Subscription Rate! All players will now have to buy the game for 60$ then afterwards the game will be completely free! Bethesda Softworks reportedly had all their T.E.S.O boxes removed off of shelves in stores, leading to this being even more of a possible thing than we may have anticipated.

Over the last few months, yes even I speculated that T.E.S.O (The Elder Scrolls Online) was coming to a stopping point for it's Pay to Play system. Many games have tried have failed at doing so, and fan bases can't keep paying the monthly subscriptions, even while being as dedicated as they are. There will always be new games, and people will soon lose interest in it all together, leaving the game's players who already pay a monthly fee to sooner or later stop paying.

Anyone who's already purchased the game before or has already payed for the past monthly fee's will be upgraded. Even more of the hardcore fans will even be given the option to pay for an upgrade to the game called "ESO Plus" which will give extra features for a certain amount of time while already owning the game. New game currency will be given to players without the upgrade to buy things like customization's for their character.

Extra content like maps, mounts, pets, etc. will be given via DLC (which will be totally separate from ESO Plus) like any other ordinary Platformed Game. Any player also with an already payed for monthly fee will be automatically given "ESO Plus" for the remaining duration of however long the fee was payed for. The game itself will be titled: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Which will go live on March the 17th of this year.

It just goes to show you sometimes Pay to Play can't work with a fan base that's always been dedicated to games that have already been pre-purchased and bought with no limits.

So what are your thought's on this change, were you expecting this? I sure did!


Which option do you prefer?


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