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Hey guys! Here is a new show I'm planning on reviewing week in and week out. I've been a huge fan of [The Flash](series:1068303)! I'm so happy to see the first half season wasn't a dud and it continues to be great. Just to let you know I don't read the comics so I strictly look at this as a show and not an adaptation.

So how I'm going to be doing these reviews is talking about the top 5 things (in no order) that stuck out to me in episode. I'll be trying to do this in my reviews for [Arrow](series:720988) as well.

Below is my complete video review of the 11th episode titled "The Sound and the Fury" which featured the introduction of comic book character the Pied Piper:

5. The Pied Piper appears

This character may be my favorite villain to show up and that includes Captain Cold. What Pied Piper had over the likes of Captain Cold was how realistic he felt. We've all met those brilliant people who don't have the best people skills.

Hartley was a character who throughout the episode we believe is a jerk. However, we learn he warned Dr. Wells to not set off the particle accelerator because it could endanger lives. I hope to see Pied Piper sooner rather than later.

4. Iris' story... continues...

Iris is now an official reporter and not just a blogger. Problem is I don't care all that much...? The thing about Iris is that she really has only been around lately to play the "will they/won't they" game with Barry. Sure, we had her interactions with the "Flash" towards the beginning of the season but the last few episodes she hasn't been doing a lot.

Let's hope she becomes more than a love interest. I want her to just discover the secret already. Do you think it'll come around before the end of the season?

3. Joe is investigating Dr. Wells

That's right. Joe is totally not buying Dr. Wells secrets. When the Pied Piper attacked Wells at his own home, Joe and Eddie noticed there was no glass that hit Dr. Wells. The detectives puzzled together that there is no way a man with a wheelchair could dodge glass that quickly.

I hope that Joe is able to piece together and unravel all of Dr. Wells' secrets. Will Barry even believe Joe if he does? It's Barry's idol vs. his pretty-much-father. I'm totally interested to see where this all goes!

2. Barely any Barry...

We saw plenty of Flash action sequences, Hartley flashbacks and Dr. Wells. What about Barry though? I know he was in plenty of scenes but it felt like Barry wasn't in the episode that much. What about his investigating his mother's murder and the man in the yellow? It felt like stories were dropped in favor of the Pied Piper story.

1. Lots of Dr. Harrison Wells

We've seen some episodes focusing more on other characters than they are about Barry Allen. This week we really focused on Dr. Wells. Within the first 5 minutes or so we saw Wells use his super speed powers out of the yellow suit. Throughout the episode we saw that when he used his powers it must've weakened him.

Does using the powers force Wells to need the wheelchair at some point? Is he losing his powers all together? We shall see soon I hope!

What did you all think? Please comment below!

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