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While living in Los Angeles I had the pleasure of watching Leslie Jones perform her standup act on multiple occasions. Each and every time I was lucky enough to catch her on stage I found myself laughing until tears poured down my face. She's what we call a "monster comic." Her style is unique, her jokes are well-crafted, her stage presence is huge and most of all she's downright hilarious. There are only a handful of comedians who posses a stage demeanor that cannot be replicated by any other performer and Jones is one of them. Get ready to witness the next big thing.

With the recent announcement that Jones had landed the role in the new Ghostbusters film amongst an all-female cast, I literally jumped for joy out of my desk chair. The addition of Jones is exactly what will bring the comedic "edge" to the film. She's controversial, daring, original, and outspoken. In what will almost certainly be a PG-13 rated flick, Jones will no doubt push the envelope as far as she can within those boundaries.

When Jones was added to the cast of Saturday Night Live last year she quickly began to prove that she was a force to be reckoned with. Her screen presence is just as electrifying as her stage presence. She also happens to write for the show. In fact, she was just recently nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy/Variety Series. If you want a little insight from Leslie herself about what it's like to be on SNL, here's a quick video of her answering fan's questions:

Jones has been in the comedy game for years, although many people still have not heard about her (for some odd reason.) Trust me, she's a veteran. In my eyes, she should be a household name with the likes of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Martin Lawrence. But brace yourselves, people. In just a few short years (or less) Leslie Jones will be a silver screen legend. She will land leading roles that dominate the box office and get fans of great comedy films into the theaters. Mark my words.

As of now Ghostbusters is set to be released in the summer of 2016. Keep your eyes peeled. I know I will!


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