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With the countdown until [The Walking Dead](series:201193) finally almost into single digits, we're on the final steps to seeing Rick and the gang back in the swing of things after Beth's death.

AMC have released a number of character portraits for Season 5b to many different websites, but because it's a pain to go and sift through them all, we've collated them for your viewing pleasure.

Rick, the ringleader:

Rick still rocking the beard and looking grizzled as all hell.

Daryl, the archer

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly

What can I say, Daryl always looks like he's ready to take a few walkers down.

Michonne, the samurai

Source: TVLine
Source: TVLine

I think it's safe to say after being parted from her sword once, it won't be happening again. I also never noticed Michonne's necklace before!

Eugene, the mullet

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly

After Eugene's lie was revealed in the first half of the season it will be interesting to see what his role in the group becomes in the Season 5b

Rosita, the pigtails

Rosita may look innocent, but I'm willing to be this girl will show us what she's made of in Season 5b.

Tara, the joker

I admit it, I wasn't a huge fan of Tara when she first rocked up on the scene, but since then she's laid down some good advice and some comic relief, I'm looking forward to seeing her character develop.

Carol, the bad-ass

After her comeback in the premiere of Season 5, Carol has repeatedly proved what an awesome character she is, and how much she's grown.

Tyreese, the protector

I'm hoping after the horrors he faced in Season 4 and 5 Tyreese will come back in full force in Season 5b, after he challenged Rick's authority "Coda" we could be seeing the beginning of a stronger Tyreese.

Abraham, the Sergeant

Look at those eyes, Abraham isn't messing around.

Sasha, the quiet one

After Bob's death in the first half of Season 5 Sasha has definitely changed and I think in Season 5b we're going to see this quiet, but strong character kick some serious ass.

Maggie, the lone survivor

Maggie's portrait doesn't give too much away but we all know that after Hershel and Beth's horrible murders that Maggie will be a bit focal point in Season 5b as she mourns and learns how to live as the long Greene family survivor.

Carl, the kid and Glenn, the former underdog

When you watched Season 1 all those years ago, did you seriously think that these two would have made it all the way to Season 5?

Carl has definitely proved he's a valuable member of the crew who has left that annoying kid from Season 2 well behind, and Glenn, well Glenn is frankly awesome. Who knew that he could have gone from pizza delivery guy to apocalypse bad-ass in such a sort space of time.

Which character are you look forward to seeing back on screen the most? Tell us here!

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