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Porcelain dolls have always been deeply unsettling, but since Annabelle slashed her way onto our screens, these uncanny miniature people have crept into our nightmares with a vengeance.

But, seeing as we are all gluttons for punishment who love to scare ourselves silly, here are some real life possessed dolls to keep you awake tonight!


The innocent looking Okiku lives at the Mannenji temple in Iwamizawa, Japan, but her butter wouldn't melt appearance belies her creepy little secret.

According to the temple, the doll's hair was originally cut into a short bob, but it has grown down to her knees over time. The pampered doll is treated to regular hair cuts, but it just keeps growing back.

According to local legend, Okiku's origins can be traced back to a young boy who bought this doll for his sick little sister, who died from her illness.

Mandy Morbid

Mandy might be over 90-years-old, but that doesn't stop her getting into mischief!

This antique porcelain doll was donated to the Quesnel museum in British Columbia after her previous owner was so creeped out by the strange things that happened in Mandy's presence that she could no longer bear to have the doll in her home.

According to the previous owner, whenever Mandy was in the house, she would hear a screaming baby in the basement, but upon inspection the room was empty and silent.

After Mandy joined the museum, the crying in the basement ceased, but staff lunches started mysteriously disappearing from the fridge and being found in drawers with items such as books and pictures going missing, sometimes never to be seen again.

Most disturbingly, rumor has it that Mandy is in a case on her own because she can't be placed with other dolls because she will harm them.

Titanic Tragedy

While this doll might not have any special powers or malicious intent, it is perhaps the most spooky and poignant on the whole list.

This unidentified toy belonged to one of the children who was on the Titanic when it sank, and it's quite possible it was the treasure possession of one of the 49 children who lost their lives.

Island of the Dolls

The island of the dolls is probably the creepiest location in Mexico City (and, quite possibly the world), but it's back story is actually a very sad one.

Don Julian who was a hermit who lived in a shack on a island in Xochimilco claimed he was haunted by a young girl who drowned in the canal and was desperate to appease her restless spirit.

The outcast began to collect dolls and hung them from the trees for the young girl's spirit to play with until his death in 2001, when he drowned in the very same canal as the tragic girl.

Visitors who flock to the island today claim they can hear the dolls whispering and opening and shutting their eyes and the paranormal investigation team from Destination Truth saw apparitions and were flooded with indescribably paranoia on the island.

The Doll at Hougang

This porcelain doll was found on a busy roadside in Hougang, Singapore and the Arabic word on the blindfold is believed to be a spell to contain an evil spirit inside the innocent looking vessel.

Rumor has it that the doll is possessed and has the ability to move around on its own. The original owner bound her eyes so the doll couldn't follow her home.

Despite beliefs that whoever unties the blindfold would be cursed, a brave or foolish individual did just that and the cold, hard stare on the doll's face is absolutely chilling.

Nobody knows the doll's origins since its discovery and unveiling.

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