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Admittedly, the bar Seth MacFarlane set for his 2012 blockbuster comedy, Ted, was hardly high, but it still brought in $549 million at the global box office.

With figures like that, studio heads wasted no time in lining up the comedy for a second run, and by taking a look at the new poster, it seems the humor will remain as crude and crass as always. Check it out below:

So, is Ted just innocently micturating against a wall? Nope, look at the tagline and you might be able to decypher the subtle pun. Ok... It's not so subtle.

Yep, that's right, Ted is actually jackin' it. Smack bang in the middle of a movie poster! Oh the humanity! Imagine what the inevitable 'motion poster' looks like.

Of course, Ted 2 could have subtitled with some other crass puns. Here are some of ours.

Ted 2: Bearly Legal Paw-n

Ted 2: A FURtive Wank

Ted 2: Toying With Himself

And we're done...

The Ted 2 trailer is due to drop any day now, but before it arrives you can remind yourself of the humor of the first one below:

Can you think of Ted 2 subtitles of your own? Let us know below!

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