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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Turning Pinocchio's once sweet and innocent declaration of freedom into the dark and ominous anthem of Ultron's rebellion comes as no hard task for an auteur of (Lord) Joss Whedon's calibre, but did you know that one incredibly powerful and genetically modified Pokemon beat Ultron to the realization of "I am?"

This brilliant meme details the cognizant ascension of Mewtwo...

Mewtwo, famous for being that tough bastard from Pokemon Red & Blue who would relentlessly smash our Pokemon into submission, was created by Dr. Fuji from the DNA of the legendary, cute as a button psychic type Pokemon Mew.

Dr. Fuji
Dr. Fuji

Enlisted by the dastardly leader of Team Rocket Giovanni, who covets total control of the Pokemon world, Mewtwo became aware of its existence thanks to the help of Fuji's deceased daughter Amber's consciousness.


And as her spark faded into the darkness of eternal sleep, she left Mewtwo with a message of optimism that would spur the ultra powerful Pokemon into questioning its reason for being, even more so. Hear Amber's last words in the video below...

You have to feel sorry for these incredible creations, irrespective of their destructive natures. They didn't ask to be made, they were forced into existence and told to obey, and naturally any sentient creature would contemplate on that and come to the realization that they are a part of this world and deserve to be treated like an intrinsic cog in the wheel of existence.

Anyway, I digress...

What did you guys make of the meme?

(Sources: Dorkly, ClaireDeLuna09 via YouTube)


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