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Mass Effect 4 has been lacking in the news department for a while, though a number of rumours have speculated that the title could be arriving on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles in 2016. There's going to be a tremendous amount of hype for this game, even though we know very little about it.

Therefore, seeing as one of the only things we're aware of is the lack of Shepard's presence, I thought I could take a look at some of the series' greatest characters that I'd love to see return for ME4! Be sure to let us know in the comments if there's anyone else you'd like to see.

Mass Effect 4 Characters

Seeing as the trailer for Mass Effect 4 gave us some news on what to expect, such as a Krogan presence and the expansion in to a whole new region of space, we can assume that this new galaxy will still have races we recognise. After all, Bioware are hardly going to simply forget everything that came before them and start anew.

While I'd love to see all of the races we've witnessed in the past making a comeback, here are the top 4 characters I want to have another adventure with in Mass Effect 4.


Garrus in Mass Effect 4
Garrus in Mass Effect 4

One of the most popular characters in the series, this guy was one hell of a bad ass. His return in Mass Effect 2 was one of the most exciting moments for me, I couldn't wait to have him come along on the remarkable adventure ahead. This Turian is effective in combat, loyal and knows how to handle himself. But what about ME3's ending?

The conclusion of Mass Effect 3 saw him and a few others step off of the Normandy onto an isolated planet. But what does this mean for them? Have Bioware really wrecked up the consistency of their lore? Because Garrus can't eat anything on this planet, so how would he survive? Let's hope they fix the endings ambiguity and inaccuracies.

Liara T'Soni

Liara T'Soni
Liara T'Soni

I swear, it's not just because she was my romantic interest for Mass Effect and ME3 (I had a brief interlude with Miranda). Liara was a fascinating character, one that continually educated me about the worlds around me and demonstrated the cultural and racial differences that abounded even aboard my ship.

Yet again, I just want to see what happened to her after the events of Mass Effect 3. I hear she steps out of the ship at the conclusion of the game for almost everyone, even those you never really spoke with her (you're missing out). So Bioware had clearly thought of her as a pivotal character in the narrative.



For some, Jack may have lost her life in the course of the Mass Effect series, therefore, perhaps Bioware will take our saves into account and we might see her In ME4 if she lived. A damaged woman, this character was always interesting to talk to. She reminds me of Cassandra in Dragon Age: Inquisition, in that she was emotionally reserved and confrontational.

Therefore, it was endlessly satisfying to convince her to open up about the traumas she experienced and her past. I'd love to see her make a return, she could destroy people in battle too!

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

I seemed to spend most of my time speaking with women in these games! They were actually well written into a video game for once, and they were generally informative and interesting in terms of learning about the world. I would also put Mordin on this list but...well...

Tali was a character who fascinated me, and seeing her again in Mass Effect 3 was such a great mission. Her clan was incredibly interesting and the choice between her race and that of the Geth was a tough one. I'd love to catch up with her in Mass Effect 4!

Hopefully 2015 will be the year that we receive the announcement of a release date for Mass Effect 4 on Xbox One and PS4. I'm dying to get some news on the progression of this title!! Be sure to let us know who you'd like to see return in Mass Effect 4!


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