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There haven't been as many superhero movie franchises as troubled as that of Fantastic Four. It'll be about 8 years since the dreadful Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer graced our movie screens. Fans complaint about not getting Hulk right in the previous movies, but those are pretty great when compared against how badly the Fantastic Four have been bungled in the past. So does the new trailer give us hope?

Prepare for the Origin Story

Unfortunately there isn't too much to go on from the trailer in terms of how the movie will treat its characters once they do finally become the Fantastic Four. But the mood is encouragingly grimm (*ahem*) and gives us a good sense that they they'll be balancing the wonders and horrors of science with equal measure. I'm just hoping there's more to the movie than just the origin story.

When Negative Zone experiments go wrong.
When Negative Zone experiments go wrong.

It's certainly a step up from the goofy interpretation of the 2005 movie. While the 2002 and 2004 Spider-Man movies really benefited from the bright and colorful comic book vision - it's because it suited the Peter Parker character. The Fantastic Four movies tried to go the same route and it came across flat and, well, kinda silly. It's great to see that the reboot will have an appropriately moody and mysterious vibe to it's look.

The Easter Egg of Doom

This trailer really is a teaser. There's more to think about what it doesn't show than what it actually does. We don't get much of a look at Thing aside from a moving heap of rock and a profile of his back. And while we get even less of a glimpse at what the movie's visual interpretation of Doom will be like, we do get a sly hint that Doom is on Sue Storm's radar.

The red dot marks the spot for Latveria.
The red dot marks the spot for Latveria.

Some diligent folks have tracked down those red numbers to be the global positioning of Doom's hometown of Latveria. Nice one!

While some have had a good chuckle over the movie's decision to turn Victor von Doom into Victor Domashev and make him a computer programmer of some sort - the trailer does a pretty good job of making him seem like a formidable foe. The trailer has me wondering if Doom is initially part of Reed Richard's experiments as in the Ultimate version of the Fantastic Four books, and if he is also injured and transformed by the outcome.

Does Doom also end up in an experiment gone wrong?
Does Doom also end up in an experiment gone wrong?

What the Movie Needs to Get Right

The biggest sin that the previous [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) movies made was that they hardly ever had the team working and using their powers together. Yes, each one has their own unique superpower but the real joy that comes from these characters is seeing how they use these elements together and become even more powerful.

Flame on Johnny Storm!
Flame on Johnny Storm!

The Fantastic Four can be their own Avengers, really, and one of the best moments of the first Avengers film was seeing the superheroes banding together and combining their powers to overcome the odds. The closest the first movies came was when it finally got all Four together to stop the London Eye from falling... (Sorry, I have to stop remembering this movie.) Ugh.

Really, there is only room for improvement here and from the early looks of things there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful. What do you think, true believers?


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