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You might be under the impression that when it comes to awesome fan art and Disney, you've seen it all already. Well, let me tell you something guys, you're wrong!

The other day, imgur user TheSara indulged in some HILARIOUS face swapping fun, which resulted in some of the best Disney fan creations I've ever seen.

Check out these ridiculous images and just try to imagine the awesome scenarios that would accompany them.


Phil is transformed into a strangely attractive satyr. For a reminder of his usual appearance, check out this video:

It's definitely one of my favorites from the movie!

The Little Mermaid

Just look at Eric's elegant jaw-line.


Now, Jane just looks a bit rodent-like...


I always thought Pocahontas was one of the most beautiful Disney heroines. Not anymore.

The Little Mermaid (again!)

Another gem from The Little Mermaid. These are just too good!

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame


The Lion King

Like father, like son.

Alice In Wonderland

Alice as an old woman! This really is the stuff of nightmares...

Beauty & The Beast

Woah! Someone needs to pluck their eyebrows.

These just made my day so much better! What did YOU guys think?


Which is the best face swap?


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