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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Frozen's Elsa may be an awesome ice-wielding magician but her real power has made a positive change in one woman's life - she's saved her from the hell of depression.

Depression is a gnarly beast - and one that a lot of people still don't understand - and it trapped Kirsty Taylor in her room for miserable months at a time... until she found an unconventional cure: she lives as Elsa from Frozen, full time.

Here she is in her new, non-depressed life

Taylor's obliging boyfriend even dresses up as Kristoff for her at home - yeah, I know, he was kinda Anna's bae but that's not what's important here. It's unusual but if it makes her happy, you go girl!

Taylor talks passionately about her Frozen therapy

Seeing people so animated and happy when they've been through the awful, soul-crushing grind of depression is basically the best thing ever - and you gotta admit, she's rocking the hair.

'Let It Go' is a pretty powerful anthem of self-belief

Studies show that music and sympathetic characters in art and film can help people with depression, and Frozen is particularly uplifting in its sensitive handling of fighting personal demons - as Taylor says:

Elsa's not a typical Disney princess. She was battling within herself.

We've all got a great movie that helps us when we're sad - or even clinically depressed. What's yours?

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