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This cheeky ad from French television channel Canal+ has gone someway to explaining exactly what happened to everybody's favorite mythical creatures: unicorns!

The cinematic promotional video tells the story of the loading of Noah's ark on judgement day. Noah's son is seen boarding the ark with what he thinks is the last of all the animals.

But he's wrong.

With just 15 minutes before the flood, Noah asks his son, "Where are the unicorns?"

When he realizes his mistake, he's left with a frantic dash to find two of the horse-like, be-horned animals before they're wiped from existence forever.

This is when it all gets a little bit "middle-earth" like.

In a stroke of pure luck he finds two unicorns grazing angelically.

He arrives back safely but there's just one problem...

Watch the full video below to see what happens next!

So funny!

Apparently the ad is to promote their film production division, who are known for making great ads. They produced this belter back in 2011:

Why can't everybody make ads as good as these!?


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