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When Titanic was first released back in 1997 it broke box office records, grossing a world-hunger-solving figure of $2.187 billion, but that wasn't the only unbelievable feat it can lay claim to. James Cameron's magnum opus can also boast giving birth to what is, quite honestly, one of the most insane behind the scenes tales I've ever heard - and it's 100% true!

A vessel pre-destined for destruction hardly seems like the best venue for a raucous boat party, but one particularly dastardly member of the production team had a potent idea for spicing the mood up a little.

While filming on the Akademik Mstislav Keldysh, this mystery employee spiked the crew's soup with the dangerous dissociative drug PCP, more colloquially known as 'Angel Dust.' As you can imagine, when Cameron and others tucked into the tampered broth things got more than a little crazy...

So what happened to them?!

As much as I'd like to imagine Kate and Leo listening to Jethro Tull while discussing the finer points of a magic eye poster, it simply didn't happen. However, actor Bill Paxton does remember that:

people started laughing out loud. Others started crying. It was total Bedlam. Just as I was starting to wonder what was happening, I started feeling weird. There were people rolling around, completely out of it.

PCP can induce paranoia, depersonalization and hallucinations, so it's not surprising that everyone started bugging out.

"Whoa, I'm like totally flying right now Leo!"

Actor Lewis Abernathy said that:

There were people just rolling around, completely out of it. Some of them said they were seeing streaks and psychedelics.

Abernathy even noted how James Cameron himself seemed to morph into the Terminator!

One eye was completely red, like the Terminator eye. A pupil, no iris, beet red. The other eye looked like he'd been sniffing glue since he was four.

The drugged soup sent over 50 people to the hospital, though all recovered shortly after.

So who was the mystery chemist?

Well, the truth is that nobody knows! That's right, the culprit was never caught. In classic Shakespearian style, some claimed it was a revenge plot concocted by two chefs Cameron had previously fired, but no one knows for sure.

Possible motivations

Though we can't be certain of who was behind this mass poisoning, we can probably hazard a guess as to why they did it.

Cameron was notoriously hard to work with, pushing his staff to the very limits of their sanity. He had no problem demanding 18 hour work days and even told crew members that they should piss themselves if they needed the bathroom.

We don't need Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots here. A disgruntled employee likely got fed up of these abusive working conditions and decided to take action. It's certainly one way to get back at your boss!

So there you have it: the movie industry's most outrageous unsolved mystery! Are there any other scandalous behind the scenes tales we should know about?


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