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I've written a number of times before about the beauty and selfless nature of MMO communities coming together to aid a mother in her acceptance of having cancer or honoring the memory of a Free Company member that had recently passed away.

And I come back to you now with another inspiring tale of chivalry, this time coming from the hallowed halls of World Of Warcraft.

A Father In Mourning

The outside the world of MMO's can be a rather daunting one. There's an ocean of information to ascertain, as redditor Senna1982 recently found out while entering the game world his son adored.

Senna1982's son, a soldier, was injured by a mortar strike while on duty in Iraq. While he recuperated, he played WoW religiously. "Recently he passed away and I decided that I wanted to connect with areas of my son's life I never understood," wrote Senna1982. "WOW is one of those areas. I am totally overwhelmed right now."

He was in dire need of assistance and had many a question for reddit.

I "ran" 2 dungeons this weekend. Whatever druid kept resurrecting me - thanks. I had a lot of fun. I know what clicked with son and it clicked with me. I want to keep playing but right now I feel like a drain on any groups unfortunate enough to get stuck with me. Are there any guides on how not to suck? I'm playing a destruction warlock. I've poked around on google but ABP goes nuts whenever I click on a link so I am a bit gun shy. Where the hell do I even start?

Dutifully, reddit responded in droves with messages of condolence and assistance, linking him to how-to's and guides a plenty.

Moved by the immense outpouring of support, Senna1982 instantly updated his original post with thanks...

I got back from work last night and logged into reddit to see if any more responses had come in. I am in shock. The outpouring of support and condolences boggles my mind. I would like to thank all you individually for your support and kindness. That total strangers would extend their sympathies to me and that a game was the catalyst is something amazing. Since my son passed I have struggled tremendously coming to terms with the new reality I am part of. I am humbled at the collective love and kindness shown to me - a total stranger - by the members of this community.

The WoW community continues to astound me, and thanks to them Senna1982 started to understand why his son adored the World of Warcraft so greatly.

How arrogant was I to get upset over how my boy chose to relax? Life is far to short and you should enjoy it.

Keep up the selfless work guys, you are an inspiration.

(Source: Senna1982 via reddit, Daily Dot)


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