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Argh, me hearties - here be a treasure trove of insane pieces of trivia for you swashbucklers to plunder!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl holds a whole host of behind the scenes secrets every fan should be aware of. So, without further ado, here are seven 'Pirates' facts you probably never knew (one for each Sea!).

1. The most dangerous pirate isn't Jack Sparrow - It's Will Turner!

At least, that's according to the movie's screenwirters, who admitted on the DVD commentary that Turner was the deadliest swordfighter of the seven seas. Apparantly, Barbossa and Commodore Norrington don't even compare, and our treasured Jack Sparrow was meant to be the worst of the lot. Must've been all that rum.

2. It was Disneyland's first movie premiere

The film broke records by hosting its world premiere at Disneyland, California - home to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. It was the first time a movie had ever debuted at a Disneyland park.

3. Johnny Depp wore contact lenses for the whole movie

Depp wore specially designed lenses that served as protection against the sun in order to prevent him from squinting in every scene.

4. Mickey Mouse briefly appears

When the last cannon is shot during the Black Pearl's attack on Port Royal, eagle eyed viewers can spot a hidden Mickey Mouse silhouette in the residual smoke.

See if you can spot it below?

5. Johnny Depp pranked everyone with a flasified facial feature

Ever the practical joker, Depp convinced his make-up artist to gradually increase the size of a small scab on his chin throughout filming. If you look closely you can see it growing as the movie goes on.

6. Barbossa's monkey smiled for the camera

After returning an Aztec coin to Barbarossa, Jack the monkey strikes a killer chance pose, smiling at his master. Incredibly, this wasn't actually in the script - the cheeky little primate just decided to flash his teeth at exactly the right moment and the filmmakers kept it in.

7. Johnny Depp improvised one of the film's final lines

We all know Depp is one seriously talented fellow, but I didn't know he was an accomplished writer. On the morning of shooting the final scenes of the movie, he came up with an epic closing line that the filmmakers thought was too good to leave out: "Bring me that horizon."


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