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Over the last few years, Justin Bieber has graced our screens and magazine front-pages with his ridiculous shenanigans, bratty ways and excessive accounts of bad behavior.

Aggressive paparazzi attacks, reckless driving, on-stage vomiting, public displays of nudity, pot smoking, numerous confrontations with club security, fellow celebrity dissing, vandalism charges, the list is endless.

He even had a pet monkey and decided it was a fantastic idea to take it all the way to Germany, for goodness sake!

Well, I am pleased to inform you guys that finally the Biebs has admitted that he's just gone too far and that maybe it's high time to change his silly ways.

Following a "really nervous" appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the bad boy decided to come clean in a heartfelt video posted onto his Facebook. In the short clip, he apologizes to his adoring fans and also provided possible reasons for his increasingly bizarre behavior.

He confessed:

“I felt awkward up there. I felt like people were judging me. And I really want people to know how much I care, how much I care about people and how I’m not that person who says, ‘I don’t give a f---!’ I’m not that kid.”

Agreeing that he has been acting like a total dickhead over the last year, he sorrowfully tried to reassure us that "I'm not who I was pretending to be."

Gazing into the camera lens with anguish and despair in his pleading eyes, the poor boy also reminded us of the challenges of growing up:

“When I say pretending, often we pretend to be something we’re not as a cover-up of what we’re truly feeling inside. There was a lot of feelings going on in there. Just being young and growing up in this business is hard. Growing up in general is hard.”

Bieber, I couldn't agree more. Life is hard, especially when Calvin Klein pays you a ton of money so you can pretend you actually look like this:

The video reaches the climax of its emotional intensity as it draws to a close. Reassuring us that he actually has a heart of gold, he says:

“Although what’s happened in the past has happened, I just want to make the best impression on people and be kind and loving and gentle and soft. Although people can call me a softy, that’s how my mom raised me.”

Somehow, I'm not convinced.

For those of you who would rather view the short clip for yourselves, here it is:


What do you guys think, is he really sorry for offending his fans or is he just trying to save his marred career?

My honest opinion is that he has finally realized that nobody wanted to work with him anymore and this is his feeble attempt at getting his career back on track. Do you agree?



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