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It looks like none other than Lilo has discovered time travel because the troubled actress has managed to cram 240 community service hours into one mere day... Or at least that's what she's told the courts.

The human dirty martini that is Lindsay Lohan somehow managed to prove that she had completed her mandatory community service hours for the DUI she committed last year, even though she totally didn't.

TMZ has reported that Community Service Volunteers in London will send Lohan's lawyer Shawn Holley a letter confirming she has fulfilled her obligations in a move that can only stem from her absolute desperation to get rid of the apricot ashtray.

Unfortunately for Lilo, the prosecutor on the case is onto her theoretically impossible tricks. Reportedly, Lindsay has listed a whole chunk of dates where she was laid up in hospital with the Chikungunya virus as days that she served community service hours.

Hilariously, TMZ also report that the 28-year-old actress tried to pass off greeting fans after a performance of her London broadway show, Speed The Plow, as community service.

You literally couldn't make it up.


Should Lilo go back to jail already?

(Source: Dlisted via TMZ)


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