ByDaniel Pearson, writer at

The video for punk-band Savant's latest track Kali 47 is without doubt the most awesome music video I have ever seen.

Directed by special effects master and youtuber Mike Diva, this 3-minute epic took more than six months to make, but it was clearly worth it.

Crowd-funded through Indiegogo, the video features an effects-laden onslaught of violent action set in some badass reincarnation of the Wild West, accompanied, of course, by Savant's dirty drumstep beat.

Check out the full video below, but first, here's the breakdown!

The opening scene shows a western-looking, treetop saloon. A passing air balloon gives a certain air of tranquility. Believe me though, that doesn't last long.

Suddenly a damsel in distress runs in screaming.

All in follow some demonic looking cowboys!

What follows is one of the most badass gunfights I have ever seen.

Just as things are reaching fever point, some Native Americans turn up to wreak yet more havoc!

Watch the full video below to see what happens next.

So sick.


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