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Well actually, that title is false advertising because this lascivious lingerie only appears to come in black but !

[Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) fans can now really dress up for the red room in this saucy new lingerie inspired by Ana and Christian's erotic antics, and E L James herself has given them her seal of approval.

The collection from the British based lingerie company, Bluebella has been described by the 50 Shades author as 'capturing the essence ' of her erotic novel. She released a statement explaining:

The 50 Shades of Grey Black Label Collection really captures the essence of Christian and Ana’s after-dark relationship - luxurious, provocative and elegantly erotic

The collection, which ranges in price between $19.36 and $88.75, has been described by Bluebella founder, Emily Bendell, as being inspired by:

the deeply erotic journey of discovery between Christian and Ana

If you're interested in getting your naughty little hands on the silken wares above, you can buy them in the webstore here.

(Source: The Daily Express)


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