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Fox's hit animated comedy Bob's Burgers and culinary super-fan have a very important announcement to make.

Following the success of fan Cole Bowden's online food blog dedicated to all the puntacular burger specials in the show, Fox has decided to join forces and together launch the very first Bob's Burger's Recipe Book!

The hilarious series tells the story of the Belcher family's burger restaurant, each episode revealing a new cleverly-named burger special like the "Blue is the warmest cheese burger," the "Blondes Have More Fun-Gus Burger," and the "Foot Feta-Ish Burger." Thanks to Cole, fans will soon be able to make and try them all!

Bouchard, the creator of the show, told NPR's The Salt that,

“The work he has done deserves to be printed and bound and put up on a shelf somewhere,” he continued. “He’s done so much culinary heavy lifting, we wouldn’t do it without Cole.”
The "Blondes Have More Fun-Gus" Burger.
The "Blondes Have More Fun-Gus" Burger.

Apparently, Bouchard will produce the artwork and Bowden will look after the recipes.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to try them all!

Watch a hilarious clip from Bob's Burgers below!


Which of Bob's burgers would you most like to try?


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