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With a show as mammoth as [The Walking Dead](series:201193), it's bound to have its fair share of juicy behind-the-scenes secrets, and unfortunately for AMC, with such a dedicated fan base - as The Walking Dead fans are - secrets don't stay secret for long!

Next month more secrets are bound to spill out like the guts of a freshly killed walker, when many of the show's cast members show up in Chicago for the next Walker Stalker Con on February 21st and 22nd. While those of you lucky enough to have tickets may already be planning which questions to ask the stars, those without tickets shouldn't panic because Moviepilot has you covered! We're offering the chance for two lucky fans to win a double pass each to Walker Stalker Con Chicago, simply by answering our question at the bottom of this article! Guests at the con include: Steven Yeun (Glenn), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Melissa McBride (Carol), Chandler Riggs (Carl), Emma Kinney (Beth), Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), and more! With all of those guests I'm sure you'll be eager to ask them for new secrets about the upcoming episodes, but before then check out these 5 secrets that have already leaked from The Walking Dead camp:

Secret 1: Carl's stunt doubles are more suited to 'Carla' than 'Carl'

In a show like The Walking Dead there are countless action packed and dramatic scenes. But while the show's stars do a lot of the hard work, there is also a team of highly skilled stunt doubles on hand for the more dangerous scenes.

While a lot of the stunt-doubles bear an uncanny likeness to their actor counterparts, Chandler Riggs' (Carl Grimes) double is surprisingly different. 15-year-old Chandler, who will appearing at Walker Stalker Con, has had at least three different female stunt doubles over the duration of the show! He is currently doubled by a 31-year-old stunt actress named Ashley.

Secret 2: Walker meat tastes like...ham?!

Despite it looking suspiciously close to the real thing, the walkers on the show who are lucky enough to get a warm human meal are actually not chowing down on human flesh but hams soaked in vinegar! In fact the props department on The Walking Dead must be quite talented people because they've also made other edible delights such as the rat that Lizzie fed to a walker back in Season 4, which was actually a gelatin mold filled with grape jelly, mmm!

Secret 3: The post-apocalyptic world is not the only thing getting darker in the series

Just like the humans in the show have aged more over the five seasons, so have the walkers! From the time when the outbreak began to now (approximately 514 days since episode 1), Greg Nicotero and his special effects makeup team have been slowly aging up the walkers that we see on screen! Back in Season 1 the walkers had some signs of decay, but were not festering too badly, fast forward to Season 5 and we're seeing some walkers with much darker skin, looking very decayed and even somewhat mummified.

Secret 4: Big efforts are taken to make sure we don't see the walkers breath

I never though about this, but because walkers are dead they shouldn't be visibly seen breathing. Normally this isn't much of an issue, until you start shooting walkers outside in the cold air and the zombie extras produce vapor like back in Season 2. During shooting for the episode "Pretty Much Dead Already" it was a particularly cold night which meant that the walkers all produced vapor when they breathed out. In post-production, the editors had to digitally remove the vapors from the mouths of the walkers to ensure continuity.

Secret 5: Walkers all have a higher education

If you thought any old zombie could get a part on The Walking Dead then you'd be wrong! Actors who play walkers in the show have to go through a type of 'walker school' to learn to how to walk and move like the walkers in The Walking Dead universe. You'll notice how walkers in the show don't lumber around with their arms outstretched like they do in many other zombie shows and films, well that's all down to their Walking Dead specific walker education on the show's set!

Hopefully after all of those behind-the-scenes secrets your brain has been well and truly infected by thoughts of The Walking Dead and Walker Stalker Con, and you're ready to prepare your answer our question, so without further ado:

Who is your favorite Walking Dead character and what would you ask them? Tell me in the comments below to win!

We will be choosing two competition winners, first place will receive two VIP passes, while second place will score two general admission passes, both to Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2015. The prize is for the tickets only, transport and accommodation are not included, so make sure if you enter you are able to get to and from the event! Good luck!

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