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Can we all just stop and stare at that beautiful animation for a moment. The sheen of the glasses, the reflecting light in the character's eyes, the hair, the lighting! The Persona series has always looked beautiful, so welcoming it onto the PS4 will be no issue for any fan of the series.

Persona 5 has been one of those games that was announced year, and then disappeared. No release date, no news, no gameplay, just a really cryptic trailer. A great one at that for sure, but apparently the release date for the PS3 and PS4 is 2015, so it's surprising that we haven't heard more news surrounding the game yet.

Persona 5
Persona 5

Well, I think that wait may at last be over. Atlus has scheduled a "news-flash" live-streaming even for all things Persona on February 4th. Katsura Hashino, the series' producer, previously stated that we would be getting an insight into Persona 5 after the New Year. Therefore, this really does seem like our opportunity to hear how the game is coming along, and maybe see some more details!

The extraordinary thing about this live-stream, is that it will actually last for an astounding 30 hours!! The stream will even eventually overlap into a "Persona Super Live 2015" concert, where the J-pop music of the games will be celebrated. The event will start at 1:00 PM JST, 11:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM PT on Feb. 3, so be sure to try and allocate some time to drop by and check some of it out.

Persona 5
Persona 5

Seeing as we're not entirely sure if Persona 5 will make an appearance, we could potentially be disappointed. But I highly doubt that's going to happen. The whole event will be in Japanese, hopefully we'll receive a highlight reel of it translated in the upcoming weeks. We're just desperately praying that it wraps up with some kind of Persona 5 content.

Are you excited for this game? I'm about to start Persona 4 this week after Metal Gear Solid 4, and I can't wait to revisit it! It was far superior to Persona 3, but I've never experienced 1 or 2. What do you think fans? Which is the greatest game in the Persona series and are you looking forward to a NextGen version? Let's hope they just keep getting better!!

This trailer really is such a tease, but it hints at the enormous scope that this game could feature. Time for hours upon hours of school work! I sincerely hope this title receives its release date for the PS4 and PS3 at this live-stream, then I can have it marked on the calendar and start counting down the days!


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