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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

With Daredevil,Luke Cage,Jessica Jones,Iron Fist and The Defenders series coming to Netflix we are all anticipating for those TV series one question keeps popping up in my mind/head, who will make a great Iron Fist?

Who would fit the bill? Well lets take a closer look at the bill and confirm the price we have to pay. 3 actors are in my mind banging for me to vote who'd make a better Iron Fist.

1.Jake Abel

This one was at the top of my list I kept thinking about him being Iron Fist and if he plays Iron Fist I can finally see my imagination clearly for Iron Fist. I mean sure he's never played some one with mystical abilities like Iron Fist and speaking of mystical he's played Luke son of Hermes a half-blood son who wants the Gods to be destroyed he'd be perfect for Iron Fist.

2.Zac Efron

Sure Zac Efron doesn't seem like a mystical powered human fortune cookie but you can't always expect Iron Fist to always be fortune cookie at least give him a little funny Zac Efron is one of the best comedy actors ever (for me at least) in real life Daniel Rand is just a kid who sounds gothic but looks cool and hippie give a chance to Zac Efron to change that into a high school pop star.

3.Jai Courtney

Speaking of fortune cookie Jai Courtney does seem like a man of few words he has a habit to look like someone who does wise things like a fortune cookie and at the sometime someone serious and mystical.


Who do you want to see be the Iron Fist?


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