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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Before actors are cast to play their roles for a movie,TV Show etc they first get a casting call to see not only for the votes or majorities but also if they would make their roles better. The Avengers have already been cast (duh everybody knows that) but I just have a few people in mind who could have made better Avengers (well I wouldn't say better but I'd say good Avengers people who can replace them in case)

Below are the list of actors and actresses who would've made better Avengers

Chris Pine - Captain America/Steve Rogers

Chris Pine was rumoured to be in line for the Captain America role until Chris Evans was chosen to be the one leading the role of Captain America why Chris Pine face it he's blonde,he's young,he's hot,he's handsome and he's a war hero (metaphorically speaking). He did play James T. Kirk in Star Trek who is like the leader of the Star Trek team.

Tom Cruise - Iron Man/Tony Stark

I personally think both Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr are great actors and the best actors for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr might be old he's 50 this year (well technically 50 and a half) but he still has a habit of showing off in his acting he can show off and at the same time be serious as an actor and Tom Cruise is all about action and Iron Man has action Tom Cruise would've been perfect as the role of Tony Stark.

Brad Pitt - Thor

Poor Brad Pitt he could've played Thor but didn't get it Chris Hemsworth gets the role to play Thor I mean, come on, both of them look nearly the same long and blonde hair with long and blonde hair both of them would've been perfect but seriously I'm not saying Chris Hemsworth is a bad actor but I just think Brad Pitt would've done a nicer job at it.

Miles Teller - Hulk/Bruce Banner

Not saying Mark Ruffalo is a bad actor at playing Bruce Banner/Hulk but I'm just saying Miles Teller would've been way better he's a great drama actor action actor and a great comedy actor (well not so great comedy actor but you get the point) Miles Teller can wear glasses and look nerdy to hide himself in plain sight so that no one will know he's Hulk but now (I think) Miles Teller plays Mr Fantastic for the Fantastic 4 reboot and pretty much his rights belongs to FOX (that's the 'I think' part).

Angelina Jolie - Black Widow/Natasha Romanov

Sure Scarlett Johansson did an amazing job at playing Natasha Romanov's Black Widow but I think Angelina Jolie would've made a better Black Widow, don't you think? She did play Lara Croft A.K.A. the Tomb Raider a hot spy/assassin who focuses on taking ancient relics and also has her own fighting skills (awesome!) she could make a great Black Widow (again not saying Scarlett Johansson is a bad actor).

Jensen Ackles - Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Jensen Ackles is a great action actor. He's young and handsome and a great actor he could've been Hawkeye but didn't want it or didn't got the part for it Jensen Ackles would've nailed it at playing Hawkeye (but Jeremy Renner did a good job at playing Hawkeye).


If you get to choose which actor should've been an Avenger?


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