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Every day we get closer and closer to the premiere of what looks like it will be the biggest movie of 2016. Sure, the movie is still a ways away and even though it is quite a wait, lets look at what could happen in the movie.

Warning: Potential Spoilers will be in this article.

1. Batman VS Superman

Expect this fight to be absolutely epic and on a massive scale. Not like that of the Superman vs Zod fight in [Man of Steel](movie:15593), but it will be pretty impressive. After all, that fight is what movie goers will really be buying a ticket for. It's important to remember though that it won't be the focus on the movie, it will truly be about setting up the Justice League and the DC Cinematic Universe further.

2. Doomsday is Coming

Like it or not, all evidence is pointing towards Doomsday making an appearance and being the final fight of the movie.

As of now, we don't have to many details on what the origin of Doomsday will be. However, a recent rumor detailed that Lex Luthor will obtain the body of General Zod and experiment with it. Those experiments will cause Zod to mutate and become Doomsday. Now this is just a rumor, but I believe it. It just sounds like something that would happen in the Movie Universe since they really shouldn't do the original origin of Doomsday.

Now with Doomsday comes...

3. The Death of Superman

The above picture is from the set of the movie, and it is supposedly a statue honoring Superman and how he gave his life for Metropolis (or Gotham...if thats where he fights Doomsday)

Here is another picture of what looks like a group of people dressed in dark clothes which looks like the same location:

It also makes sense why Superman would die as well. Given the above pictures and Doomsday being in the movie. Plus, I think the event of a great hero dying is what will inspire Batman and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) to create the Justice League, so that they can protect the world like Superman would have.

.......Don't worry Superman comes back like he did in the comics, probably in Justice League Part 1, simply because it would be stupid of them to completely kill off the most popular Super-Hero.

4. Robin

First off I would like to say that I firmly believe that Robin will not be an active character in the movie....but that doesn't mean Robin isn't in the DCCU.

Now, rumors have been all over the internet pertaining to who Robin could be. They ranged from Dick Grayson to Carrie Kelly, but I have a theory that it is actually Damian Wayne, the biological son of Batman.

I simply believe this because of a recent casting call for reshoots of the movie. The casting call asked for a young boy (11-13 years old) who has martial arts skills. Everyone thought this was for a flashback sequence for Bruce Wayne (this is very possible though) but considering that Bruce really didn't start his training around that age and that Damian grew up in the League of Assassins it makes it seem more like Damian will make an appearance in the movie...even if its just for one scene.

Take that with a grain of salt though...since it is a theory.

5. Why is Batman Retired?

It was already revealed that Batman vs Superman will be based on The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. Which means Batman will be aged and even retired.

Now this is also a theory of why he is retired, but if they are really going to follow The Dark Knight Returns, Batman will be retired due to the tragic death of Jason Todd (The Second Robin)

Why is this so cool or important?

Well the answer to this is that Jason Todd comes back alive and becomes the Red Hood, which would be cool to see in a Live-Action Batman solo film......maybe even one based on Batman: Under The Red Hood?

What? A guy can dream can't he?

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone. If I forgot something or you just have another idea about [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) then please drop a comment below and don't forget to vote on the poll.


What are you most excited for in Batman v. Superman?


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