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Before I begin, yes, i know the Supergirl and Titans images aren't the official ones but they're the closest things i could find that were pseudo-official.

Okay. let's begin. As we all know, DC has decided to be a massive bitch and not combine their TV properties with their movie properties like Marvel have done with theirs. However, DC's version of Stan 'The Man' Lee; Geoff Johns, has promised us that they do however all exist within the same Multiverse with the TV shows on Earth 1 and the movies on Earth 2 etc.

I also know that, like me, you are all wondering that, apart from Arrow and The Flash, will all the TV shows (bar NBC's Constantine - because their are rumors floating around here that speculate that it will connect to a Justice League Dark movie, directed by Guillermo del Toro which is set in Zack Snyder's DC Cinematic Universe) be set in the same continuity because they all air on different networks?

My answer to that question is yes! Why? Well ask yourself this, are all Marvel's franchises directed by the same person (Joss Whedon, for example)? No they are not. Essentially each Marvel Director represents a different broadcast network etc.

But, wait, Bruce Wayne's a kid in Gotham, how could that work? Simple. Gotham is set maybe 20 years before Arrow S01E01 - if you want Batman and Green Arrow to be of similar ages in this continuity. In Arrow, we don't know how old Oliver is, but as actor Stephen Amell is currently 33, I'd say Oliver is around 33 as well.

But wait, FOX has just cast Colm Feore as 'The Dollmaker' in Gotham - surely that means they can't be connected because 'The Dollmaker' appeared in Arrow S02E03? True, however, Feore is playing Dr. Francis Dulmacher in Gotham. In Arrow, 'The Dollmaker' was Barton Mathis played by Michael Eklund. There are multiple versions of certain characters in the comic book world. Hell, we've already had 2 Count vertigo's in Arrow already. In Marvel's 2015 Ant-Man movie we have both Hank Pym and Scott Lang.

Krypton, as we all should know is Superman's destroyed homeworld - but in this sense it will be Superman's version of Gotham. Krypton - just without Kal El.

As Supergirl is also from Krypton, the Krypton TV show will act as a prequel to CBS's Supergirl TV show as well.

Titans is adapting the 'Teen Titans' storyline. It's a team led by Nightwing. Nightwing is Dick Grayson aka Batman's first Robin. So, Batman kinda has to exist in this continuity if there is a Nightwing. Dick Grayson's parents are already gonna be featured in Gotham anyway - hence a new connection.

Kid Flash and Cyborg are other members of Titans.

Both have origin stories which feature Star Labs which is the laboratory in The Flash. Arsenal, who is an active member of Titans is featured as a member of the affectionately known 'Team Arrow' so it'd be stupid not to connect these shows into one universe to create a TV version of the JLA!

Here's two more pieces of evidence. The first piece is the 'WEBG' news network featured first in Arrow and then in Gotham:

The second piece is a newspaper front page from 2024 seen in The Flash S01E01 which mentions 'Wayne Tech' taking over 'Queen Consolidated' - look at the highlighted area in the image. This proves Bruce Wayne exists in the 'Arrowverse' just not featured yet:

And one final tidbit for y'all. This guy:

features in Arrow. Deathstroke is also an enemy of the Titans so it'd be stupid to have 2 Deathstrokes on TV when really you only need one!

Watch this space. I reckon in Season 2 of Gotham we'll see a 13 year old Oliver Queen!


But what do you guys think - are they all connected? Will we see a Crisis on Infinite Earths featuring both the TV and Movie Properties?


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